No, don’t worry, I haven’t launched off into the sea or space. It was an exciting weekend for Karen with two different launches, although not so exciting for me as I wasn’t allowed out as much as usual. Not sure why though …

Most of the launch excitement happened on Saturday. Not only were there two launch parties but Julie came to visit for the day.

First of all we had the book signing of Peshwari Nans by Stephen Haughan, where I also met Vivien.

2016-0604-01 Vivien car.jpg

After that, the girls did some wandering around the old town before heading for BeBeached on the Harbour Arm for a rest and refreshment. Fortunately, by then, the sun had decided to come out so we were able to relax and watch the world go by whilst reading the Margate Mercury.

2016-0604-02 Margate Mercury.jpg

Karen had been part of the crowd funding for the first issue of the Margate Mercury and had been invited to a private party at Margate Arts Club on Saturday night, which was the second launch this weekend. Apparently she had a nice evening and met some lovely people, although I wouldn’t know as I was left in her handbag. There was also a gift of a rather nicely decorated bag.

2016-0604-03 Bag.jpg

Sunday was much quieter and a restful day, much of which was spent reading and snoozing, but we did go out in the afternoon to the beach as the sun was out, although it was a little breezy, enough for the kite surfers to be out.

2016-0605-01 Kite surfers.jpg

Karen decided it was nice enough to go for a paddle and she tried to get me to join in but, as we know, water doesn’t really agree with me and I’m a bit little to be paddling. She even suggested a bubble bath but that turned out to be unrealistic as there weren’t quite enough bubbles, even though the few that there were, were pretty glinting in the sunshine.

2016-0605-02 Bubble bath.jpg

I told Karen that I preferred seaweed and there certainly wasn’t a lack of that on the beach.

2016-0605-03 Seaweed.jpg

I hope being left behind or in Karen’s handbag is a sign of things to come when Karen moves to her new role. There does seem to be a bit of uncertainty about what’s going to happen to me because Adam hasn’t confirmed I can go with Karen which, of course, is because I’m so useful and productive. I think Adam needs persuading that joint custody may not work as it would hinder my blogging – can you help me with that please? Karen promises I can go out and play more if I am released.

Bank holiday bonus

We had another bank holiday this Monday and, boy oh boy, did the weather deliver on being typical for a British bank holiday. It was blowing a gale in Margate and wasn’t so warm, so the heating had to come back on. Just as well it wasn’t too nice as I’d got a bit behind with my blogs so it gave me a chance to catch up.

When we went out for our walk on Saturday, I was tempted by the sea as the sun was shining but then Karen pointed out the big waves that were blowing over the tidal pool.

2016-0529-01 Big waves.jpg

Fortunately, it was nice enough that we could sit on Margate steps (with a fleece on) and watch the world go by. Lots of people were in shorts and t-shirts which seemed a bit of an over commitment to a beach holiday in the UK bearing in mind the temperature.

2016-0529-04 View from the steps.jpg

There were lots of children around, of course, as its half term and a couple of them had kindly built me some wonderful sandcastles.

2016-0529-02 Sandcastle.jpg     2016-0529-03 Sandcastle.jpg

The biggest event going on in Margate was Margate Meltdown. Its something that happens every May bank holiday and all the bikers come down. I have never seen so many bikes in one place and was only able to look at a few.

2016-0530-01 Meltdown.jpg     2016-0530-02 Meltdown.jpg

Best of all, on Saturday, a couple of Mods got married and they had the ceremony in the main square followed by fish and chips (the ambulance is unrelated).

2016-0529-05 Mod wedding.jpg

You may be wondering what the bonus is and whether that’s a reference to an extra day off work. Well, when I was going through my photos with Karen, we found some from Broadstairs which I hadn’t added to a blog, so thought I’d take the opportunity to share them with you now.

It is also a nice reminder in such horrible weather that the sun does shine. In fact, the McDonalds advert does say “you know its summer when Margate looks like Miami”.

What I like about Broadstairs is that the public gardens are so well tendered so, despite all the chaos of lots of people, it feels quite tranquil.

2016-0430-02 Broadstairs.jpg     2016-0430-04 Broadstairs.jpg     2016-0430-06 Broadstairs.jpg

And there are some pretty good clifftop views too.

2016-0430-03 Broadstairs.jpg

2016-0430-05 Broadstairs.jpg

But its just not Margate …

As a final (and unrelated) thought, I wanted to share with you some lovely sweets that Karen’s big sister bought her. Some are of the view that its like eating the Minions, so I use them as slippers instead.

2016-0430-01 Minion tic tacs.jpg



Karen went to stay in Cromer at her mum’s recently and it happened to coincide with the Cromer Crab and Lobster Festival. We got the trains up to Norfolk and travelled in “style” for some of the journey, we even got a free magazine (but no tea as the buffet car was closed).

2016-0520 Train journey.jpg

After all that sitting, we needed to stretch our legs so wandered around town hunting for an ice cream. There were a few to choose from but Karen wouldn’t let me have this one and she said my eyes were bigger than my belly.

2016-0521-01 Ice cream.jpg

Saturday was all about the festival and we met these rather large and colourful characters. I was a bit shy so didn’t come out to see them and stayed safely in Karen’s bag.

2016-0521-05 Crab and Lobster.jpg

After that, we needed a sit down so had a nice view before having lunch.  Karen’s mum had to hold onto me as otherwise I would have gone over the edge.

2016-0521-03 Cromer view.jpg

For lunch, Karen chose to have a Cromer crab which I think was a bit mean considering we met one earlier.

2016-0521-02 Cromer crab.jpg

After some rest at home, I had a bit of a play whilst Karen and her mum were doing the washing up. What do you think of my new sun hat?

2016-0521-05 Sun hat.jpg

Sunday was all about visiting Sheringham Park which is really beautiful and renowned for its rhododendron (and, yes, I did have to look up how to spell that, but I wasn’t the only one). We were very lucky with the weather too as the sun came out and was very warm. There’s going to be loads of pretty pictures now so I’ll leave you to make up your own commentary, but which do you think is my favourite?

2016-0522-01 Sheringham Park.jpg     2016-0522-02 Sheringham Park.jpg

2016-0522-03 Sheringham Park.jpg     2016-0522-04 Sheringham Park.jpg

2016-0522-05 Sheringham Park.jpg     2016-0522-06 Sheringham Park.jpg

2016-0522-07 Sheringham Park.jpg     2016-0522-08 Sheringham Park.jpg

After all that greenery, it was time to get back to the beach and have a walk. I found a rather nice mound to play on.

2016-0522-09 Cromer sandcastle.jpg

Sunday evening we went out for dinner and I was so excited by this that I had to be hemmed in behind a rope. It was worth the wait though and very yummy.

2016-0522-10 Ready for dinner.jpg     2016-0522-11 Dinner.jpg

Every year in Cromer they have a competition that the local shops participate in to raise money for a local charity. This year is beach huts and they are perfect for me. Here’s a selection of my favourites.

2016-0522-12 Beach hut.jpg     2016-0522-13 Beach hut.jpg     2016-0522-14 Beach hut.jpg     2016-0522-15 Beach hut.jpg     2016-0522-16 Beach hut.jpg     2016-0522-17 Beach hut.jpg

2016-0522-18 Beach hut.jpg     2016-0522-19 Beach hut.jpg

In August, the beach huts will be auctioned off to the highest bid. Which one do you think I should bid for?

Everything is orange

Another week and another birthday – this time it was Paul’s 40th. Karen remembers the date each year because, not only is it easy to remember (and she has it in her calendar), but when Paul started at Barclays they sat next to each other and it fell on a bank holiday. I wasn’t even a twinkle in Adam’s eye all those years ago. A few years later, they worked together on Project Falcon and so, as a special 40th birthday treat, Karen gave him her falcon badge. It turned into a bit of a farewell gift too as Paul has now moved to another floor so that he can sit with his team.

2016-0505-01 Paul's 40th.jpg     2016-0505-02 Paul's falcon.jpg

The following weekend, summer arrived and so did all the visitors to Margate. Gosh what a lot of people and cars. There was lots going on too, including a monopoly letter hunt. I’d not heard of that before but like that they had one of the letters in orange, although it really should have been M. There was also a red London bus which looked like someone had hired it for their wedding as it had white ribbons on.

2016-0507-01 Letter L.jpg

We headed to Broadstairs to do a couple of things and ended up having a late lunch on the harbour arm and some delicious scampi and chips, sitting on some rather orange chairs. There were a lot of seagulls about so had to be extra careful so that they didn’t steal any chips.

2016-0507-02 Broadstairs lunch.jpg

Sunday was just as busy and I think a bit hotter. Lots more visitors came and sat on the main sands, but less on Westbrook, although that picture was taken towards the end of the day.

2016-0508-01 Busy beach.jpg     2016-0508-02 Quieter beach.jpg

After feeling that I’d had a mini holiday, it was back to work on the Monday. Busy, busy, busy and so I was glad when we got to the end of the week. I found a rather nice resting place in M&S on the way home. For the Sayers/Knowles amongst us, you may recall the significance of crepe flowers.

2016-0513 Crepe resting place.jpg

This weekend was very different weather wise from last weekend, in fact I nearly put my jumper back on on Saturday! Unsurprisingly, the beach was much quieter, although I can’t imagine why as the sun was still shining.

2016-0514 Beach.jpg

I had a bit of a fashion show when I got in as the lovely Lucy had kindly given me an orange smiley badge which she got when she went to the theatre. I wasn’t sure the best way to wear it so tried three different ways – a necklace, a sun hat and footwear, although the first two were a bit hazardous.

2016-0515-01 Badge.jpg     2016-0515-02 Badge.jpg     2016-0515-03 Badge.jpg

Did I wear it well? Which do you think is best? Or do you have alternative suggestions?

Sunday was much nicer and the sun came out again, so I was able to have a nice walk on the beach. I didn’t get to paddle as the tide was out but did enjoy finding some barnacles amongst the seaweed.

2016-0515-04 Sunny day.jpg

Birthday Blog

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday Monkey blog

Happy birthday to me


Guess what – it was my Monkey blog birthday on Thursday which was rather exciting. Its been a year already and what a fun year it has been. Adam asked me what my top post was and I had to think quite hard about that as I’ve done so many wonderful things. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

I thought that the occasion should be marked with cake so I persuaded Karen to buy me a banoffee cup cake which I dove right into. Quite surprised there was no candle though, so I hope she does better next year. I might be big enough to blow it out by then.

2016-0421-03 Birthday cake.jpg     2016-0421-04 Birthday cake.jpg

The Queen happened to turn 90 on the same day and I hope she feels suitably honoured at sharing such a special birthday.

The other person with a birthday this week was Adam and he turned 40. It was only fitting to give him some presents and I also sang happy birthday to him from my podium next to his balloon.

2016-0421-02 Adam's 40th presents.jpg     2016-0421-01 Adam's 40th balloon.jpg

The weekend wasn’t quite as exciting and the weather seemed to have gone backwards. It was rather chilly and I nearly put my jumper back on. When its windy like that, it does make the waves rather big.

2016-0423-01 Big waves.jpg

As Karen didn’t want me being out too near to the sea, she did let me have some fun on a ride with my monkey cousin. We had to keep the L plates on though as we’re still learning to drive.

2016-0423-02 Monkey ride.jpg

On the way home, Karen picked up some rather pretty flowers from the Old Kent Market, although she couldn’t explain why there weren’t any orange ones.

2016-0423-03 Flowers.jpg

On Sunday, the wind was even stronger and I wasn’t even allowed out of Karen’s bag. She did take lots of photos for me though and here’s one showing how stormy it is. What a difference from last weekend.

2016-0424-02 Stormy Margate.jpg

Apparently, the clouds didn’t protect us from the aliens who decided to land on the beach. Glad I wasn’t allowed out as I think that would have been scary.

2016-0424-01 Alien.jpg

Or is Karen just pulling my leg and teasing me, when its actually a sea plant?

Week off work

I’ve been lucky enough to be on holiday this week. Monday started a bit gloomy and the sea was quite choppy, so I wasn’t allowed in as the waves were bigger than me.

2016-0411 Big waves.jpg

On Tuesday we went to Ramsgate which was interesting but rather a large place, so my little legs got quite tired, but then there was lots of walking involved. Fortunately, it was a nicer day than Monday and the sun had come out which was pleasant. At the start of my visit, I saw some very creative street art, although not sure I liked the size of the seagull.

2016-0412-01 Ramsgate street art.jpg

After that walk from the station I needed a sit down and found a nice cafe by the harbour so I could sit outside.

2016-0412-02 Morning tea.jpg

Ramsgate Harbour was quite interesting and it was good to speculate whether the people on the boats were just visiting or moored there more permanently.

2016-0412-03 Ramsgate harbour.jpg

Next to the harbour was the Maritime Museum. Unfortunately it was closed but I still had fun climbing over the old shipping equipment outside.

2016-0412-04 Maritime museum.jpg     2016-0412-05 Maritime museum.jpg

Then came one of my favourite bits – orange and more orange, all in the form of a good cause, the RNLI. I even got up close to one but not quite on one (yet).

2016-0412-06 RNLI boats.jpg     2016-0412-07 RNLI boat.jpg

I then walked back into town and saw more street art, this time about bees, which was rather unexpected. It did make me smile, though, as it was using the Beatles tune so I was humming that for a bit until I got some strange looks.

2016-0412-08 Bee street art.jpg

After all that walking, I was ready to go home and was so happy when I saw the view walking from the station. Its just fabulous and even more stunning on a sunny day.

2016-0412-09 Home to Margate.jpg

Wednesday was Westgate on Sea day and it was another lovely day. Karen had an appointment first but, after that, we headed towards the beach. I came across a rather lovely and thoughtful remembrance garden. It was beautifully tendered and, best of all, it had red and yellow flowers which, as we all know, makes orange and that’s my favourite colour.

2016-0413-01 Westgate remembrance garden.jpg

Following that we headed to the cliff top which had a rather impressive view, so sat there for a little while, soaking up the sun, looking out to sea and admiring the cloud formations.

2016-0413-02 Westgate cliff top.jpg     2016-0413-03 Westgate cliff top.jpg

Thursday I spent the day in Margate because I just wanted to spend a day enjoying the local beach in the beautiful sunshine. Summer had arrived in Margate and it was wonderful, it really felt like I was on holiday. It started with a walk on the space beach, fortunately there weren’t any aliens which had landed but I did find a branch to climb on.

2016-0414-01 Space beach.jpg     2016-0414-02 Branch.jpg

Had a good wander around the old town and then headed to the Harbour Arm which has loads of eating and drinking places to choose from. I settled on BeBeached which was brilliant – not only was the cake absolutely amazing but the view was fabulous and, on top of that, I managed to entertain the staff too (but no dancing).

2016-0414-03 BeBeached.jpg

Friday was a mystery tour day and it was ever so exciting – so much so that I tried to jump out of Karen’s bag on the train. Fortunately she caught me so no damage done. It was a good job we were indoors as the rain had arrived and it was not at all like yesterday.

2016-0415 Train journey.jpg

Then it was the weekend and Saturday was Turner Contemporary’s 5th birthday. We seem to miss a lot of what was going on when we visited which was a shame, but luckily the pictures were on Twitter, except this one of course.

2016-0416-04 Turner Contemporary.jpg

Julie came over in her mini and got windswept into Karen’s flat. Thankfully they’d talked before she left home and she was pre-warned to have layers and a hat.

2016-0416-01 Cloudy day.jpg

Before doing too much, we needed some sustenance and had a delicious lunch at Buoy & Oyster. After lunch, I had a little look out of the window and it was a good view, but glad I was inside.

2016-0416-02 Lunch.jpg     2016-0416-03 Buoy & Oyster view.jpg

We then had a nice wander around the old town and in some junk shops. It was really nice chatting to the local shopkeepers. We also visited King Street Gallery and there was an unexpected telephone box.

2016-0416-05 Upside down telephone box.jpg

To make up for the missed cake at Turner Contemporary, we stopped at the Cup Cake cafe for a rest before heading home in the rather strong wind.

So it was then Sunday already and the holiday was almost over. The sun had come out again although it wasn’t as warm as Thursday but still very pleasant.

2016-0417-01 Sunny day.jpg

I even managed to find my own private pool.

2016-0417-02 Private pool.jpg

I then had a play on the beach. First I saw a pair of shells which were like angel wings, then I did some rock climbing.

2016-0417-03 Two shells.jpg     2016-0417-04 Rock climbing.jpg

To finish off the day and to bring out my creative side, I made an M for Monkey from shells (or should that be M for Margate?).

2016-0417-05 M is for Monkey.jpg

So, that sets the sun on another blog and a holiday – enjoy.

2016-0417-06 Sunset.jpg


Springing into April

Hello folks, we have a longer blog this time around because I’ve been up to so much exciting stuff.

I started off with doing some test boating – yes, you did read that right, test boating. What may that be? I hear you cry. Well, now that I live at the seaside, I’d really like to get into some watersports and make the most of being in Margate. As Karen wanted me to be safe, we started in the kitchen sink but just as well we did as I did sink on the first attempt!

2016-0402-01 Test boat.jpg

The second attempt was much more successful, providing I didn’t move too much. Not sure what Karen was thinking of with the bubbles because I really don’t think that replicates the swell of the sea.

2016-0402-02Test boat.jpg

On the first Sunday in April, never mind springing, but summer had arrived. It was absolutely glorious in Margate.

2016-0403-01 Summer has arrived.jpg

I had loads of fun frolicking on the beach and played with both seagulls (while having a seaweed bath) and a rook. The rook was a little too large for my liking, even at a distance.

2016-0403-02 Seagulls.jpg     2016-0403-03 Rook.jpg

Even on the way home, I got to play on a buoy and in a cement cave.

2016-0403-04 Buoy.jpg     2016-0403-05 Cement cave.jpg

After all that excitement, I rather wanted a swim and the pool did look rather tempting but, as you may recall, I’m not actually allowed in water.

2016-0403-06 Time for a swim.jpg

So that was a lovely end to a Sunday and, after a hard week at work, then came Friday and the holiday began. I couldn’t wait until we got home and stripped off my work clothes while still at Stratford (how rude). Just as well I didn’t wait as it was a rather long time (90 minutes) before we could get a train due to a station evacuation.

2016-0408 Holiday begins.jpg

The other reason for trying to get home on time was that we had visitors this weekend – Karen’s big sister Steph and her husband James came to visit. For obvious reasons, we didn’t do anything on the Friday night but started Saturday with a rather nice brunch.

2016-0409-01 Breakfast.jpg

No pictures of the cooked food, though, just toast and me helping James with the honey.

After that, we headed to the Turner Contemporary and had a wander around there. I saw a rather interesting see saw and I particularly liked it as one of the people had orange trousers. The actual reason was far more meaningful than that. I wasn’t allowed on the see saw though in case I fell off, but I was allowed on the balcony so that I could look out of the window.

2016-0409-02 Turner see saw.jpg     2016-0409-03 Turner window.jpg

After a good look round a sit down was in order, so Karen and Steph did a bit of drawing in the workshop. One of them drew me on a boat which I was rather chuffed about and the other used a lovely mixture of colours for the sky and sea.

2016-0409-04 Turner drawing.jpg

So, by then, it was mid afternoon and there was only one thing to do – have tea and cake. We went to the Seaside Parlour and I had to help Karen with her piece of cake.

2016-0409-05 Cake.jpg

There was lots more walking around town and, when we got home, we had a well deserved sit down and a read.

2016-0409-06 Reading.jpg

In the evening, Karen made dinner – well, actually, not particularly made, more heated up but it was tasty nonetheless. There was a rather nice sunset too, although its not come out very well in the photo.

2016-0409-07 Dinner.jpg

With dinner comes drinking and there wasn’t too much, but I thought I ought to help them out as I’m on holiday. I took it a bit far though when I decided flying was the right thing to do.

2016-0409-08 After dinner drinks.jpg     2016-0409-09 Flying.jpg

After that, I was sent to bed.

However, Sunday was a new day and bought another food fest as we went out for lunch at The Hoy. Steph said that if I ate my vegetables (which were, of course, carrots) that I could have a treat and she let me have a sip of her wine.

2016-0410-01 Vegetables.jpg     2016-0410-02 Red wine.jpg

Not sure that was a good idea though that early in the day as I then played in my Yorkshire pudding. I had to really as it was a perfect fit for me but, fortunately, there wasn’t any gravy left.

2016-0410-03 Yorkshire pud.jpg

Gosh, so that was a rather exciting start to the holiday. Watch out for the next blog to find out what I did over the remaining days off.

Half of March

Hello folks, sorry for the delay in blogging. My assistant  wasn’t available for a little while and, as you may remember, I need help with typing due to my short arms. It does mean that this is a rather long post as it covers half of March but hopefully you have time to read it.

There was a special milestone birthday this month and Lucy has been celebrating turning 30 in style. I went to visit her before she went away for the weekend in Barcelona but she was working from home that day (it may look like everyone else was as well, but its because it was early). Thankfully I was able to celebrate with her when we went out for a pizza lunch earlier in the week.

2016-0310 Lucy's 30th balloon.jpg     2016-0310 Lucy's lunch.jpg

The weekend in mid March was rather lovely and the sun was shinning, even if it wasn’t that warm. I didn’t need my jumper though whilst I was wandering round Margate. I started off with some rock climbing near home then headed towards the Old Town and the harbour arm.

2016-0312-01 Rock climbing.jpg     2016-0312-02 Harbour.jpg

I tried to have a paddle but, for some reason, I was held back. Not sure if it was because the sea was too deep or some other reason – I never did find out why and really must before summer is in full swing.

2016-0312-04 Time for a paddle.jpg

It was a rather beautiful sunset over the Main Sands that weekend even if it was a bit misty.

2016-0312-03 Main Sands.jpg

Its a good job I made the most of the weekend because I was then trapped at home for most of the week as Karen wasn’t well. Here’s me looking longingly out the window when it was sunny and then enjoying another lovely sunset (you have to overlook the parked cars).

2016-0317-01 Distracted by sunshine.jpg     2016-0317-02 Sunset.jpg

Karen’s mum visited the following weekend so I was able to get out a bit more then. We had a walk along the front and onto the beach, so I took the opportunity to do some sea wall climbing and say hello to the seagulls. That was then followed by a rather nice lunch at Bernie’s who have heart shaped bowls.

2016-0319-02 Sea wall.jpg     2016-0319-01 Lunch.jpg

On the Sunday we did, of course, have to go out for Sunday lunch and had a rather delicious roast at The Hoy. Unfortunately there was no room for dessert although Karen had a hot chocolate and finished without letting me have any – here’s me looking rather wistfully at the empty mug.

2016-0320-01 Sunday lunch.jpg     2016-0320-02 Hot chocolate.jpg

It was back to normal for a few days and it was lovely to be in the office with everyone again. Karen had to work from home on Thursday and I tried to tell her that my weekend had started but she insisted that I did some work. I even had to keep my work clothes on.

2016-0324-01 Working from home.jpg

However, one advantage of working at home is that you’re there for parcels and Karen got a new friend called Wilbur. Apparently she saw a British Gas advert on the TV and asked if she could look after him. They weren’t sure initially but, when she pointed out the adventures that we have, they relented and sent Wilbur to her. Initially I was a bit scared as he’s quite a bit bigger than me but then I saw his orange feet and beak and all was okay. I’m actually quite glad he’s bigger than me because it means he won’t fit in Karen’s bag and so the adventures will continue to be all mine, all mine (insert evil laugh).

2016-0324-02 Wilbur.jpg

And then it was Easter – yes, Easter and its only March. Good Friday was a beautiful day in Margate and brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies, so we had to make the most of it by going for a long walk. Here’s me at Westbrook Bay (my beach) and we walked all the way round to St Mildred’s Bay. Fortunately there was a seat when we got there as it was rather tiring.

2016-0325-01 Westbrook Bay.jpg     2016-0325-02 St Mildreds Bay.jpg

The rest of the weekend wasn’t quite so good, not only weather wise, but adventure wise. It involved emergency dentist and planned hospital appointment. At least we got lots of rest so now ready for the working week. Don’t worry, I do know Monday is a bank holiday.

Two for the price of one

Last week when I was visiting the lovely Maria on Wednesday, it was rather chilly and she mentioned this to Karen, so Karen made me a scarf at the weekend. I do look rather smart and think I now fit in with those working city folks.

2016-0228-01 Scarf.jpg

At the weekend, I did some rock climbing but I found it rather scary as it was a bit high for someone so little, so I found a nice sand dune where I felt much safer.

2016-0228-02 Rock climbing.jpg   2016-0228-03 Sandy beach.jpg

During the week, I wasn’t able to visit Maria as she was away on holiday but I did get to visit Chris for the first time properly, although I do normally see him on a daily basis as he sits across the way from Karen. Before he’d let me have anything to eat, he made me work for it, and I had to chair a meeting but it was rather fun being in charge.

2016-0302-01 Chairing meeting.jpg     2016-0302-02 Lunch.jpg

After that treat, I made sure that Karen looked after me and asked her bring me breakfast. I wasn’t sure what to have out of the choices she gave me but went for the banana in the end as that’s much easier for me to eat and the spoon for the yoghurt was enormously big.

2016-0303-01 Breakfast.jpg

Friday evening was quite exciting as we went out after work when we got home to Margate, which was a novelty. It was because the rather funny and brilliant Sarah Millican came to do her Outsiders show and it was very amusing. She even told a joke about monkeys but its far too rude to repeat. Being the nice person that she is, she was giving away badges so I chose the flower one. It was so, so, so cold walking home along the front that I had to put my jumper on when I got in.

2016-0303-02 Sarah Millican.jpg

The weekend then got even more exciting on Saturday as Maria and John visited. They were staying nearby and came to see Karen’s flat as last time they saw it it was nothing but boxes. They wandered into town and had lunch at the Cupcake Cafe, taking my advice on the chunky cheese on toast, then Karen tried the soup which was lovely but did rather steam things up. Maria treated us to a yummy strawberry cupcake as well (because it would have been rude not to).

2016-0304-01 Soup.jpg     2016-0304-02 Cup cake.jpg

In the evening, Karen went over to their hotel, The Corner House in Minster where they had dinner. It was absolutely scrumptious and the dauphinois potatoes were the best ever with the lamb so tender it fell off the shoulder. Sadly the evening was over all too quickly but I think another visit may be in order soon.

2016-0304-03 Corner House.jpg

I do hope you’ve noticed how smart I look.

On Sunday it was a beautiful sunny day in Margate so I made sure I had a walk to get some exercise and fresh air. I almost got a sun tan!

2016-0305-01 Sunny day.jpg

Food and fresh air

Last week, Karen went out for a pancake day brunch but she left me behind – scandalous behaviour! I missed some rather large but delicious selections. One was a savoury American style breakfast and the other a banoffee pie. Good job they decided to share them (or so I’m told …).

2016-0209 Pancake brunch.jpg

Fortunately Karen remembered to take me out for the team meal, but then it was Christmas. Yes, you did read that right, it was the team’s Christmas meal. It had been a rather cold week so I started off with my jumper on. Fortunately, I soon warmed up and then found a monkey sized glass as the milkshake glass was bigger than me.

2016-0218-01 Team meal.jpg     2016-0218-03 Monkey sized glass.jpg

Then came the food and, oh my goodness, there was so much food. The main course was a meat platter and my new friend Charlie helped me choose what to have. We didn’t manage to finish it all and it was rather a waste as they just threw it away rather than giving it away to a homeless charity.

2016-0218-02 Meat platter.jpg

We still managed to fit in some desserts although didn’t quite finish them. I nearly didn’t get any as they just dug in very quickly but did manage to eat some banana cream pie in the end.

2016-0218-04 Desserts.jpg

Thankfully the meal out was on Thursday so I only had one working day to get through, especially after not getting home until 11pm. It was a bit mean, though, as Karen took me home on Thursday night but wouldn’t let me stay at home on the Friday. Apparently it was because she can’t work without my supervision but I think it was just because she was up early that I had to be up early too.

The weekend was a bit healthier and bought some welcome fresh air. Walking to the Turner Contemporary on Saturday was pleasant and there was a very interesting branch which had washed up on Margate main sands.

2016-0220-01 Branch on main sands.jpg

At the gallery there were three exhibitions to choose from. The exhibition by Joachim Koester called The Other Side of the Sky was the one Karen wanted to see but I thought it was rather weird. It was primarily about drugs and how they alter the body’s reactions so the title was rather misleading. The only uplifting artwork was a few paintings from Turner showing his early colours work.

The exhibition I liked the most was Leise Wilson’s 365 Days. The paintings, which were the size of polaroids, documented the view of the sky at low tide through the same window pane each day over two years. It was lovely to see all the different colours and reminded me how lucky I am to live by the sea and be able to appreciate that most days.

2016-0220-02 Leise Wilson.jpg

After all that walking and wandering round exhibitions, a sit down was in order so we went to the rather nice Proper Coffee shop. Thankfully, we were allowed tea and there’s nothing better than a good cup of tea, a sit down and a bit of a read. I also rather liked the mini milk bottle.

2016-0220-03 Cup of tea.jpg

Sunday bought more fresh air after a bit of a lay in. There was an interesting navy ship nearby which was rather grey compared to the normal tanker ships. I’m not sure you can see it very well in this picture but I hope you can see the seagull.

2016-0221-01 Navy ship.jpg

It was quite windy, though, so I had to stay protected for quite a while. To keep Karen amused, she went on a shell hunt and even found some orange coloured ones just for me.

2016-0221-03 Shells.jpg

And, as we all know, orange is the best colour ever!