Karen went to stay in Cromer at her mum’s recently and it happened to coincide with the Cromer Crab and Lobster Festival. We got the trains up to Norfolk and travelled in “style” for some of the journey, we even got a free magazine (but no tea as the buffet car was closed).

2016-0520 Train journey.jpg

After all that sitting, we needed to stretch our legs so wandered around town hunting for an ice cream. There were a few to choose from but Karen wouldn’t let me have this one and she said my eyes were bigger than my belly.

2016-0521-01 Ice cream.jpg

Saturday was all about the festival and we met these rather large and colourful characters. I was a bit shy so didn’t come out to see them and stayed safely in Karen’s bag.

2016-0521-05 Crab and Lobster.jpg

After that, we needed a sit down so had a nice view before having lunch.  Karen’s mum had to hold onto me as otherwise I would have gone over the edge.

2016-0521-03 Cromer view.jpg

For lunch, Karen chose to have a Cromer crab which I think was a bit mean considering we met one earlier.

2016-0521-02 Cromer crab.jpg

After some rest at home, I had a bit of a play whilst Karen and her mum were doing the washing up. What do you think of my new sun hat?

2016-0521-05 Sun hat.jpg

Sunday was all about visiting Sheringham Park which is really beautiful and renowned for its rhododendron (and, yes, I did have to look up how to spell that, but I wasn’t the only one). We were very lucky with the weather too as the sun came out and was very warm. There’s going to be loads of pretty pictures now so I’ll leave you to make up your own commentary, but which do you think is my favourite?

2016-0522-01 Sheringham Park.jpg     2016-0522-02 Sheringham Park.jpg

2016-0522-03 Sheringham Park.jpg     2016-0522-04 Sheringham Park.jpg

2016-0522-05 Sheringham Park.jpg     2016-0522-06 Sheringham Park.jpg

2016-0522-07 Sheringham Park.jpg     2016-0522-08 Sheringham Park.jpg

After all that greenery, it was time to get back to the beach and have a walk. I found a rather nice mound to play on.

2016-0522-09 Cromer sandcastle.jpg

Sunday evening we went out for dinner and I was so excited by this that I had to be hemmed in behind a rope. It was worth the wait though and very yummy.

2016-0522-10 Ready for dinner.jpg     2016-0522-11 Dinner.jpg

Every year in Cromer they have a competition that the local shops participate in to raise money for a local charity. This year is beach huts and they are perfect for me. Here’s a selection of my favourites.

2016-0522-12 Beach hut.jpg     2016-0522-13 Beach hut.jpg     2016-0522-14 Beach hut.jpg     2016-0522-15 Beach hut.jpg     2016-0522-16 Beach hut.jpg     2016-0522-17 Beach hut.jpg

2016-0522-18 Beach hut.jpg     2016-0522-19 Beach hut.jpg

In August, the beach huts will be auctioned off to the highest bid. Which one do you think I should bid for?


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