Blog birthday

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday dear Monkey blog,

Happy birthday to me!


Yes, folks, today is my blog’s 5th birthday. I know I’ve been quiet for a while so thought I’d get everyone up to speed with what I’ve been up to just so you know I’m still around.

I know everyone is being encouraged to stay at home currently but most of these pictures were taken before that happened. I am also going out with Karen for her daily walk when its not too windy.

So, what have I been up to this year?

I seem to have been eating quite a bit, including teacakes and a cooked breakfast (yum, yum).

20200314_104920.jpg    20200207_112602.jpg

You’ll see from the second picture that I now have a new friend, although we only meet occasionally and not at the moment. Here’s when we were doing some monster hunting (or so we thought).


I also got some new friends for Easter from big sis and brother-in-law but they haven’t been out with me yet as they are too young.


And, of course, there have also been some nice walks in the sunshine too.



Ah, now smell that sea air!

So that’s about it for now apart from to say where’s my birthday cake?!

Jungle Animals Birthday Cake Decorating Guide


Introducing Monty

I have some very important news to share with you – I have a new companion and will be handing the reigns over to him as he’s much more resilient than me. However, it was a rather odd beginning as he arrived in the post with no note or postmark and it took a while before I found out that big sister sent him to me. He did, of course have to be given a name and I thought Monty seemed quite appropriate as it began with M (keeping the history going).

180310 Monty's arrival.jpg

Being a monkey he is, of course, mischievous and I caught him hanging on the tea tree in the kitchen. No, don’t worry, it wasn’t a real tea tree but a jewellery tree with mini glass teapots on. They are something that Karen got in Boston a few years ago but never knew how to display.

180401 Tea tree.jpg

After a bit more coaching, I thought that perhaps some fresh air would help to tire him out, so sent him out with Karen when she was having a lunch break when working from home. This was taken on Westbrook beach, the one closest to Karen’s flat.

180402 Beach.jpg

“Hey, Malcolm, don’t I get to say anything?” said Monty, “I thought you were handing over the reigns?”. Malcolm replied and gave Monty his blessing and best wishes.

I enjoyed the fresh air so much that I went out again the following weekend and got to see the lovely Main Sands when it wasn’t too busy.  I found the contrast of the sea and the clouds quite interesting and they had many different shades of green just like me (sort of).

180407 Main Sands.jpg

On the Sunday, we headed out to lunch with the lovely Sheila and met up at Ask. I did find the pasta that Karen chose a bit hard to manage but fortunately we had plenty of time to eat it.

180408 Lunch.jpg

It had got a bit cooler by then so I had borrowed Malcolm’s jumper but the weather improved by the following weekend and I saw Main Sands again. The tidal pool was as smooth as glass. I’m not sure yet if I’m allowed to go in the water because it doesn’t agree with Malcolm but then I am younger and made of sterner stuff, so we’ll have to see how the summer develops (and what I can get away with).

180415 Main Sands.jpg

This weekend was extremely exciting as Karen bought a new car, the first time in quite a while – its only 7 months old with low mileage so in really good condition. I did try to drive but found my arms and legs a little short which was rather unfortunate as she was trying to make up for leaving me behind at lunch (yes, I know, isn’t it shocking?).

180422-01 Car.jpg     180422-02 Car.jpg

I think I contrast quite nicely with the red.

The very summer like weekend was rounded off with a lovely sunset. Not sure I captured it at its best but its still lovely nonetheless. Every time I look out the window, its different and quite glorious to watch so expect some more in the near future.

180422-03 Sunset.jpg

I do hope you enjoyed my introductory post and look forward to sharing some more of my adventures, just like Monkey and Malcolm have before me. I have a lot to live up to.

Celebrations, Canterbury and Cold

I had a quiet few weeks after the holiday but got busier again later on in February.

First was the night out to celebrate Karen’s promotion with some extra special people. Really should have had champagne as that begins with C but actually prefer prosecco so had some of that instead followed by some very welcome food.

180222-01 Champagne.jpg     180222-02 Food.jpg

As you can see, I did a bit of sword fighting, although not sure who with because everyone there was far too nice for any fighting.

180222-03 Swords.jpg

Karen is often busy taking photos of me to take photos of people so here’s a nice one of us with Paula.

180222-04 Paula.jpg

The next day we headed off to Canterbury with Maria, primarily to go to see the musical The Band at the Marlowe Theatre. It was a pretty awesome show and fabulous colour seats too.

180223-01 Tickets.jpg     180223-02 Theatre.jpg

Decided to stay overnight as we went to the late show so easier just to walk to the B&B. Had a lovely breakfast the next day – well, what was left of it.

180224-01 Breakfast.jpg

I did rather like the alcove in the restaurant and it would be a lovely place for something a bit more private. Far too big for me on my own though and not sure who Todd is.

180224-02 Breakfast.jpg

Stayed for a bit longer in Canterbury and wandered round the shops. First though we headed back to the theatre as they had a giant BAFTA face that I couldn’t resist.

180224-03 Bafta.jpg

It was fairly lovely by the river too, despite the cold. The property in the background is the Quakers meeting hall which looked very welcoming and homely.

180224-04 River.jpg

Also saw some very creative pavement art. You had to look through your camera to get the 3D effect and I then got a bit scared to be in the picture. It looked a rather deep drop which I really didn’t fancy.

180224-05 Pavement art.jpg

We walked for ages so definitely deserved a bit of a rest and hot drink. I held onto Karen’s cup so I could warm up.

180224-06 Hot chocolate.jpg

But that was nothing compared to what was to come.

Sub zero temperatures and snow, even at the seaside. I only braved one day outside and for a very short time to have fun doing some sledging and exploring some strange footprints. I did make sure I wrapped up though and still have the jumper on today.

180301-01 Sledging.jpg     180301-02 Footprints.jpg

Just in case you really think this is in the alps, here’s a picture which includes the sea in the background and me in some even deeper footprints.

180301-04 Snow and sea.jpg

Headed out yesterday for a while, first time in 4 days, so nice to be outside. Just a bit of remains of snow on the beach.

180303 Snow on beach.jpg

I think that’s a bit of a cold note to end on so here’s a picture of Margate main sands which was taken in February this year (yes, really).

180217 Sunny Margate.jpg


I was lucky enough to have some winter sun in January but its taken a while for me to write about it. Hope I can remember what happened.

It was certainly an early start for a Saturday. Although the flight wasn’t that early, leaving home was to make sure we got there in time to check in. Here’s me attempting to help Karen with her suitcase which was pretty impossible for someone of my size. It was rather confusing too as we’re not on our normal platform but I found out that’s because we were going to a different station.

1801-01 Station.jpg

One advantage of the early start was that we could have breakfast at the airport including a nice pot of tea of course.

1801-02 Breakfast at airport.jpg

Flight was uneventful and when we got to the hotel we went straight to the room as it had been a long day. It was a lovely large room and best of all the headboard was orange. Karen didn’t like it though because the lines weren’t straight. Like me, you probably haven’t even noticed.

1801-03 Bedroom.jpg

Karen did like the shower as it was a nice walk in one but I think they could have chosen a different colour for the tiles (like orange, for example).

1801-04 Shower.jpg

We wandered around the town the next day and saw some very creatively decorated fish on the harbour walkway. This was my favourite because of the colours.

1801-05 Harbour fish.jpg

The beach was pretty beautiful and the sea so clear and blue, rolling onto the clean white sand.

1801-06 Beach.jpg

The island is quite windy and is renowned for that so lots of surfers and kite surfers. I was tempted myself especially when I found a board just the right size for me.

1801-07 Surfing.jpg

I also found a nice sized wall for me and even better it was orange (sort of). It even had space for my big ears. I fit in well don’t you think?

1801-08 Wall.jpg

There were also lots of rocks there and some of them were black as the island does have a history of being volcanic. Fortunately not any active ones in recent years.

1801-09 Rocks.jpg

And with that lovely clear blue sea, how could I not try to go for a paddle.

1801-10 Paddling.jpg

The rock Karen found me was heart shaped but unfortunately that hasn’t come out that well in this picture.

After all that activity, it was only right that I had a rest so I did a bit of reading by the pool. Karen made sure that I had suncream and enough water so I kept healthy too.

1801-11 Poolside.jpg

I was rather tempted to go in for a swim but Karen wouldn’t let me even though I did a towel with me. I think it was because I’m made of wool. Either that or because the towel wasn’t Malcolm sized.

1801-12 Poolside.jpg

The rest of the week was spent walking around the town and along the beach watching the mesmerising waves, sitting having a drink, reading and even more walking.

1801-13 Harbourside.jpg

This is one of me on the harbour wall and in the background you can just about see Lanzarote. Karen was having to hold on to me due to the high winds.

1801-14 Lanzarote.jpg

I did manage to get onto some rocks and that’s the Isle of Lobos in the background, one of the national parks, with Lanzarote just to the left.

So that’s about it for this trip apart from one last bit of silliness at the airport. I liked the coconuts but I think Karen was drawn to the name of the shop which was ‘No Work Team’, quite apt for a holiday.

1801-15 Airport.jpg

Final question, then, what do you think is missing from this post? Answers on a postcard please. Prize may or may not be awarded (depending on who makes Karen laugh the most).

Christmas Part 2

Now, where was I … oh yes, enjoying myself with the Christmas festivities.

I made sure I helped Karen with decorating the tree and making her lounge festive and cosy. I’m glad I didn’t have to stay in the tree as it was a bit awkward what with those pine needles and all that, but I couldn’t resist my sparkly decoration.

171222-01 Christmas tree.JPG     171222-02 Lounge.JPG

We popped down to the festive fairground at Dreamland with our friend Jenny. Dreamland also had many Christmas trees but I didn’t think any of them were a patch on Karen’s. It certainly wasn’t as warm either.

171222-03 Dreamland tree.JPG

I did rather like the teapot ride and the reindeer but they didn’t seem to have many presents under any of the trees.

171222-04 Dreamland teapot.JPG     171222-05 Dreamland reindeer.JPG

We did have a nice meal and I’ve got a photo of the main course. I particularly liked this as it had orange bits in it. The desert was lovely too but photo hasn’t come out on that one (and it didn’t have orange bits in it).

171222-06 Dreamland risotto.JPG

By the time we got home it was dark but thankfully we were welcomed with some pretty outside lights.

171222-07 Outside lights.JPG

So then it was Christmas and what a lovely time I had. I was made to go for a walk in the morning and got a bit worried as there was white stuff on the beach which I thought was snow but Karen told me it was chalk. As we were on the beach, it was only right that I went for a paddle and I found a nice little shallow pool for me.

171225-01 Snow.JPG     171225-02 Paddle.JPG

When we got back, I had to work for my Christmas lunch as Karen wanted me to help her peel potatoes. I’m not quite sure how she expected me to do this as the peeler was bigger than me. Let’s just say I supervised.

171225-03 Peeling spuds.JPG

As I’d made such a good job of the tree, thought I should apply that to the table so it was appropriately festive. It looked better when the candles were lit but I’m a bit hazardous to be left alone with them.

171225-04 Table set.JPG     171225-05 Table close up.JPG

Christmas lunch was very delicious and there was lots of food left at the end. No pudding at lunchtime as far too full.

171225-06 Christmas dinner.JPG

Boxing Day started with another walk, although that was probably a good thing after all that food the day before. It was a lovely sunny day so a very pleasant walk even if it was a bit fresh. Thankfully that’s ok for me as I’m made out of wool.

171226-01 Morning walk.JPG

We then headed to Botany Bay Hotel for lunch but I did get to do a bit of tree climbing while we were waiting for our food.

171226-02 Tree climbing.JPG

More food was consumed and the pudding was particularly stunning. Just to point out, it was a sharing pudding and I didn’t eat it all myself.

171226-03 Lunch.JPG     171226-04 Pudding.JPG

Big sister, Steph, led me astray and gave me some of her wine. Not a good idea as I then did silly things.

171226-04 Wine.jpg     171226-05 Hanging about.JPG

Fortunately I was rescued before I fell. My punishment was suspended so I was free to go for a walk on the beach.

171226-06 Botany Bay.JPG

In the evening we played a card game called Belisha, inherited from Grandma, and James won (we think it was beginners luck). I particularly like this game as it has orange cards.

171226-07 Card game.JPG

So that’s the final part for Christmas in 2017. I did see a very nice saying in a local magazine which I’d just like to leave you with:

Happy New Year 2018

  • Wishing you 12 months of success
  • 52 weeks of laughter
  • 365 days of fun
  • 8,760 hours of joy
  • 525,600 minutes of good luck
  • 31, 536,000 seconds of happiness

I look forward to sharing mores of my stories and adventures to come in 2018.

Christmas Part 1

Welcome to the start of the Christmas festivities. It began quite early this year with a party on 30 November – rocking the Christmas boat with Tanya. Here’s me under the disco lights.

171130-02 Disco.jpg

I was lucky enough to stay over in London that night and booked into a hotel so didn’t have to worry about trains home. The hotel helped with making me feel festive by having some reindeer in reception. Not sure where Santa was though, maybe having a rest before all the hard work starts.

171201-01 Reindeer.jpg

The next day I was out for drinks with Julie as a belated birthday celebration. We left work early and went to one of the high rise hotels near Canary Wharf. The view was fabulous view and even better as we got there just in time for sunset. The way the sun lit up the water was so pretty.

171201-03 Sunset drinks.jpg

The only problem was choosing which cocktail to have as they were all so unique. I was not impressed with the girls for not having chosen an orange cocktail although Julie’s did come close and, of course, Karen had a purple one.

171201-04 Cocktails.jpg

On the way out, I saw these fabulous cups outside a coffee shop. I think they were more wobbly than me but that’s because I was good and only had one cocktail (despite what’s the picture shows).

171201-05 Tea.jpg

At the weekend the lovely Maria and her hubby John were staying in Broadstairs so I went over to meet them to see the Christmas lights switch on. I was lucky enough to have a ride on a blood bike but fortunately didn’t need it for real (apart from anything else, I don’t have any blood).

171202-01 Rescue bike.jpg

Later on we went to Restaurant 54 for dinner and that was all rather delicious.

171202-02 Starter.jpg     171202-03 Main.jpg

I think, though, that the chocolate platter for desert was my favourite even if it did mean I didn’t have room for the after dinner chocolate despite the fact that they were orange.

171202-04 Desert.jpg     171202-05 Chocolate.jpg

I was then lucky enough to meet Santa at the hotel so that must have been where he was resting when I didn’t see him earlier with his reindeer.

171202-06 Santa.jpg

The following Friday was the works Christmas do and we went to a place in central London for lunch which was delicious too. I even dressed up for the occasion but that was more so I didn’t have to do a forfeit.

171208-02 Starter.jpg     171208-03 Main.jpg

I may have had one too many sherbets as started climbing the Christmas tree.

171208-01 Christmas tree.jpg

After a few more drinks, I even managed to make a new friend.

171208-05 Clubbing.jpg     171208-04 Meringue.jpg

The only thing I could do after all that partying was have some fresh air and exercise at the seaside. Gosh, though, it was rather fresh yesterday but Margate was looking as stunning as ever in the winter sunshine.

171216 Fresh air.jpg

So that’s it for part 1 but look out for part 2 in a couple of weeks time.


At the beginning of October Karen was on holiday although she wasn’t much fun as had a stinking head cold. Still managed to get out and about a bit, starting with afternoon tea with Debbie at Bessie’s Parlour in Broadstairs.

171003 Afternoon Tea.jpg

We then headed to Cromer for a couple of days to see Karen’s mum. The sea air certainly helped her cold. It was nice and bright and sunny, a perfect autumn day for walking along the seafront.

171005-01 Cromer pier.jpg

Walking further along the seafront, right into the wind, we came across a shipwreck. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a real one but something that had been designed as a children’s play area. It was so much fun to explore and thankfully it was in a less windy area.

171005-03 Shipwreck.jpg     171005-04 Shipwreck.jpg

It took me back to my childhood but, wait a minute, I still am a child (or was I ever a child if I’m a monkey?)!

And, of course, it wouldn’t have been Cromer if I didn’t have some crabs.

171005-05 Crabs.jpg

I then fancied playing hide and seek – can you see me?

171005-06 Underwater.jpg

Isn’t it a beautiful painting? Someone very talented did that but I don’t know who.

After all that playing, I was rewarded with lunch at the Rocket House Cafe which gives a great view of the pier.

171005-07 Rocket Cafe.jpg

And that was just the morning. In the afternoon, we headed to Sheringham Park to see an exhibition of outdoor photography. If I remember correctly, it was organised by Kew Gardens. On the way we came across this brilliant wooden arch which meant more playing.

171005-08 Wood arch.jpg

More sustenance was needed after that so we went to a local cafe and I had a very nice hot chocolate. It was relaxing as there were some artworks to look at too.

171005-10 Hot chocolate.jpg

The next day we headed back home to Margate. It was a bit of a journey so I made sure I put my feet up and relaxed.

171006 Going home.jpg

I’m not quite sure where the rest of October went but we’re now in the last weekend. Despite it being windy and cold, Karen still took me out for some fresh air and she had to hold on to me.

171029-01 Seaview.jpg     171029-02 Seaview.jpg

We were heading to The Hoy for Sunday lunch, always good value there and tasty too.

171029-03 Sunday lunch.jpg

After that it was back out in the wind and the cold but the sun had come out, so it was actually quite lovely walking back along the beach.

171029-04 Harbour Arm.jpg

I even managed to stay awake to write this blog although think it may be an early night tonight.