Bath plus

Did you miss me last week? Well, don’t worry, not only will I be telling you about my trip to Bath but also what I was up to the previous weekend.

Before I can tell you about all of that, I have to tell you that the mean Karen made me go to work. Not only did I have to get up in the dark but I had to travel on the train too. It was really quite exhausting so I really very much deserved that cup of tea (even if it was big enough for me to swim in!).

2016-1114-01 First day at work.jpg     2016-1114-03 Out the bag.jpg     2016-1114-05 Breakfast.jpg

Fortunately Karen was a bit nicer at the weekend and I was able to get some fresh air. There was even some sunshine which was rather glorious. Glad I’m made of wool though as it was rather chilly.

2016-1119-01 Westbrook.jpg     2016-1119-02 Westbrook.jpg

We then popped along to the hairdressers and I thought about getting my nails done but remembered that I don’t have any nails to do. I did get given another cup of tea though.

2016-1119-03 Hairdressers.jpg

Sunday was another relaxing day with a walk along the front followed by a hot chocolate and some reading in a local cafe. Whilst walking, we were lucky enough to see a tall ship although you probably can’t see it in the photo.

2016-1120-01 Beach.jpg     2016-1120-02 Hot chocolate.jpg

So then came another Monday and no work but a trip to Bath instead for a few days holiday. Not sure if this means you work one week and then get the next week off? It was a couple of train journeys away so needed a cup of tea when I arrived which was accompanied with a couple of locally made biscuits.

2016-1121-02 Hotel tea.jpg

There was also a complimentary box of chocolates which were demolished and then I had a rest after that on the rather large (for me) bed.

2016-1121-03 Hotel tray.jpg     2016-1121-01 Hotel bedroom.jpg

The first day was really rather wet so didn’t get out too much, although had a nice autumnal moment in the park followed by some hot chocolate (yes, another one).

2016-1122-01 Park.jpg     2016-1122-02 Hot chocolate.jpg

Fortunately Wednesday was a bit drier so able to get out a bit more. Saw the famous abbey and Roman Baths, both of which were very impressive. I even found my own monkey sized bath just for me.

2016-1123-01 Bath Abbey.jpg     2016-1123-02 Roman Baths.jpg

2016-1123-03 Roman Baths.jpg     2016-1123-04 Roman Baths.jpg

I then had a wander along by the river which was quite fast running after all that rain, so I wasn’t allowed too close.

2016-1123-06 River.jpg

On Thursday I was allowed to play in the hotel gardens for a bit after breakfast and even got a ride on a horse.

2016-1124-01 Hotel horse.jpg

The day was then spent doing lots of shopping and getting Christmas presents, so not too many pictures as I had to stay safe in Karen’s bag due to all the people and I’m also not allowed to spoil any surprises. I was, however, allowed out for a famous bath bun and yet more hot chocolate.

2016-1124-02 Bath Bun.jpg

After all that effort and walking over the last few days, I was just ready to collapse so Karen thought it would be a nice for me to relax in the hotel spa and jacuzzi.

2016-1124-03 Spa.jpg     2016-1124-04 Spa.jpg

I travelled home on the Friday and managed to get some sun on the way which was pleasant. Karen also treated me to a picture of home which I enjoyed.

2016-1125 Train home.jpg


Please welcome Malcolm the Monkey to the world.

I’m an evolution of Monkey and was kindly knitted by a Irena from Latvia, so have travelled quite far to reach Karen.

2016-0913-01 Malcolm.jpg

After that long journey, I was really quite hungry and needed to be fed so Karen kindly let me have some of her Sunday lunch when she was in Olby’s.

2016-0913-02 Sunday lunch.jpg

There was quite a lot to eat so had a bit of a walk home where I was introduced to Margate main sands. Its a good job I’m made of wool as that made sure I kept warm.

2016-0913-03 Main sands.jpg

The sea seemed quite far away though as it was low tide and I asked Karen if I could get a bit closer, so I was allowed to sit on the edge of the tidal pool.

2016-0913-04 Tidal pool.jpg

As the sun was starting to go down, it seemed sensible to go inside but not before I saw Westbrook beach which is right by Karen’s new home.

2016-0913-05 Westbrook.jpg

I do hope you enjoyed the tale of my first adventure with Karen and I look forward to telling you about many more.

New Arrival

I have some sad news and some good news.

The sad news is that I didn’t survive the trip to and from work and, despite Karen’s best efforts, I couldn’t be fixed.

(pause for silence)

Karen missed having me quite a lot so she changed her phone wallpaper which means that I can be with her all the time.

2016-1030-01 Monkey wallpaper.jpg

The “good” news is that there is a new Monkey. He’s only a baby but still someone for Karen to have adventures with.

2016-1030-02 New arrival.jpg

I think we may have to give him a name. What do you think it should be?

Here he is learning to type as outside adventures have yet to take place. Hopefully this typing lesson will hold him in good stead for work this week. He should also last longer than me as he’s made of silicon rather than wood. It just won’t be the same though.

2016-1030-03 Learning to type.jpg

So, that’s quite a short blog and I hope it wasn’t too boring or upsetting for you.

There is one more photo to share with you which is the tidal pool on Saturday. It was amazingly still and looked so beautiful in the sunshine.

2016-1030-04 Tidal pool.jpg


After falling apart, I needed a break somewhere nice and Karen took me to see Debbie and Wayne in Lincolnshire. Getting there, though, was interesting and I was put into a small see through bag with all my various bits and pieces in.

2016-1014 Travelling.jpg

Got there safely, even if a bit delayed and the last bit in a taxi which the train company paid for. I couldn’t believe that the last connection was at 19.35! That’s real country living.

Things soon transitioned into a holiday, there was even a palm tree which was a present for me and only me. Just like me, it was a bit wobbly.

2016-1015-01 Palm tree.jpg     2016-1015-02 Palm tree.jpg

On the Saturday, I was rather pleased to be attended to by Dr Debbie who fixed me all up. Yes, I was standing again – hip, hip hooray.

2016-1016-01 All fixed.jpg

I did, of course, have to go and do some exploring. I came across some rather wonderful animals (because they were orange) and a pretty orchid.

2016-1016-02 Orange animals.jpg     2016-1016-03 Orchid.jpg

There was another animal there, although he wasn’t orange and quite right too as he’s a dog called Blake. He was rather adorable and came for cuddles but was a little big for me so I admired him from afar.

2016-1015-03 Blake.jpg

After a big breakfast on Sunday and before a roast dinner, we entertained ourselves by playing monopoly. I tried to be a piece on the board but wasn’t allowed, but I did sneak on there when they weren’t looking. I was good though and didn’t knock any buildings over or steal any money. I probably should have done that as Karen lost in the end (and by quite a few million).

2016-1016-04 Monopoly.jpg     2016-1016-05 Monopoly.jpg

Monday meant going back to London and to work. Unfortunately it was all a bit much and I fell apart again during the journey.

2016-1017-01 Morning tea.jpg

So I think that means I’m permanently disabled now but that’s ok because I have the support of Reach.

2016-1017-02 Disabled.jpg

Karen thinks it looks as though I’m cheering her on which helps her to keep going both at work and at home.

Falling Apart

Brace yourself, this may be a difficult one to read.

First off, I was made to go back to work on Monday AND wear office clothes as its now October.

2016-1003 Back to work.jpg

We were all very busy this week and I couldn’t wait until Friday, I even stripped off before leaving the office.

2016-1007 Friday.jpg

We were going to have some team drinks due to a power down but people had more exciting things to do like going away for the weekend so I headed home. I was rather tired so didn’t particularly mind. Even without drinking, I felt wobbly and fell over.

2016-1008-01 Wobbly.jpg     2016-1008-02 Fell over.jpg

That was when it all went wrong and you could say I was legless.

2016-1008-03 Legless.jpg

Karen did manage to patch me up a bit on Saturday but I think I need to go to hospital for some medical attention. Sorry readers but hopefully I’ll be back having adventures soon.

Isle of Man

So, off we went on holiday. I made sure Karen had everything with her before we left including her passport. Not sure why I don’t need one, though – I hope its not because I’m being smuggled anywhere.

2016-0926-01 Passport.jpg

We flew from London City and its quite a nice airport as its not too big. Best of all they had Monkey sized safety seats.

2016-0926-02 Airport waiting.jpg

That couldn’t be said of the hotel bed – it was huge. Technically they did cheat as it was two singles pushed together. Not sure you are even able to see me in this picture.

2016-0926-03 Hotel bed.jpg

The view from the hotel room was quite good and I even saw a horse on the first day.

2016-0926-04 Hotel view.jpg

After a little rest, we wandered out onto the beach at Douglas bay and it was like coming home.

2016-0926-05 Douglas bay.jpg

It was slightly different from Margate and, not just because of the hills in the background, but because of the rocks and slate. I even found a piece large enough to surf on, although not sure it would have stayed afloat, but it was fun trying it out.

2016-0926-06 Surfing.jpg

I thought after all that sitting I needed some exercise so I did some rock climbing. Not only did I find an orange rock to climb on, but I found a bright white stone which wasn’t chalk and which I carried up the rock. I thought Karen captured my shadow rather well in this picture and I look a bit like an orb (that thingy on top of a crown).

2016-0926-07 Rock climbing.jpg

Karen then found me another type of exercise – a Monkey suitable high jump (apparently). The only drawback was getting to it, so I managed to escape that one as it was a bit of a long way down.

2016-0926-08 High jump.jpg

After all that frolicking on the beach, I headed inland and came across this rather large telephone.  I certainly would have had to do the high jump to reach the handle.

2016-0926-09 Telephone.jpg

I wasn’t able to stay away from the sea for long, though, and was drawn back to the front. I came across a rather nice shelter between two gardens.

2016-0926-10 Shelter.jpg

And then just to my left was the sea again, which always makes me happy, despite it being made of water.

2016-0926-11 Douglas bay.jpg

So Monday turned out to be a rather busy day and I was ravenous by early evening. Found a nice steak place called Jaks which I particularly liked as they had a Monkey shaped space. (Actually, I found out later that it was for the sauce pot which just seemed wrong in my opinion.)

2016-0926-12 Jaks meal.jpg

Tuesday was quiet as Karen had to visit Adam & Eve, although that wasn’t planned. We were lucky enough to have dinner with Laura in the evening which was most fun and I felt very much a special guest of honour. That was until the barman knocked me over! Karen and Laura both gasped at that point and he gave us all a funny look.

2016-0927-02 Dinner with Laura.jpg

The next day, went a little bit further and headed inwards. Found the rather nice Tynwald National Park which was beautifully looked after.

2016-0927-01 Tynwald Park.jpg

The rest of the day was spent at Laxey which is famous for mining but I also came across a salmon lake which was rather unexpected, although I didn’t see any salmon.

2016-0928-01 Salmon Lake.jpg

It almost felt a bit alpine at times with the chalets and hillside streams. It was quite British in other ways, though, particularly with the rain but the sun did try to come out.

2016-0928-05 Village stream.jpg

2016-0928-02 Hillside stream.jpg

But this is what I really came for – the Laxey Wheel. It was quite difficult for Karen to get a picture of the wheel and me in it as well, but she just about managed it, although she has cut off the top which has the Manx flag on. I do hope no-one will be insulted.

2016-0928-03 Laxey Wheel.jpg

After all that effort, it was time for a treat so managed another afternoon tea, some of which went back to the hotel for an evening snack as too much to eat in one go, despite not having had a proper breakfast. What I liked best was the background as it was a Monkey sized wheel and viaduct, although it was roped off so I wasn’t able to get too close.

2016-0928-04 Afternoon tea.jpg

Just down the hill was the cotton mill which had some very interesting metalwork figures. Not sure sure what they’re to do with cotton, but I did have fun on the bench with the children and the dog.

2016-0928-06 Laxey bench.jpg

On the final day we went all over the island. The sun was shining a bit more but it was very windy. The first place we visited was Port Erin which Karen said was very beautiful, although I only got to see a bit of it from behind some rocks so I wouldn’t get blown over.

2016-0929-01 Port Erin.jpg

I was also lucky enough to see the steam railway there which I was pleased about.

2016-0929-02 Steam railway.jpg

Next to the railway line was the museum so we visited there too and I found a rather unusual weighing machine.

2016-0929-03 Weighing machine.jpg

We then headed south to Sound and I saw even less of that. It was super, super windy so I stayed safely in Karen’s bag. Here’s a picture she took of the Calf of Sound.

2016-0929-04 Sound.jpg

After that, we headed up towards Peel and I was allowed out there a bit more as it was sheltered, but only really around the bay. I came across this rather fabulous rainbow bench. Can you guess which my favourite colour was?

2016-0929-05 Rainbow bench.jpg

In the background is Peel castle and here’s better picture of it (if you think a picture is better without me in it).

2016-0929-06 Peel Castle.jpg

That all looks rather calm as it was in the harbour but just around the corner this was taken and within a few minutes of the one above. Just look at the change in the colour of the sky, let alone the waves crashing onto the rocks.

2016-0929-07 Peel bay.jpg

That brings us to the end of this adventure in the Isle of Man. I’d recommend it as a holiday destination as its so breathtaking and beautiful as well as being easy to get around. Nothing is too far away and you can get most places within 30 minutes if you have a car.

Now, where shall I go for the next holiday? Suggestions on a postcard please!

Pre holiday treats

I bet you weren’t expecting this as my next blog post, were you? Don’t worry, the Isle of Man one is on the way but there’s a whole week to tell you about first which turned into some pre holiday treats.

On the Wednesday, I was treated to afternoon tea at the Hilton South Quay. They’d kindly reserved a table for us which was good planning (and you know Karen likes a plan).

2016-0921-04 Reserved.jpg

Surprisingly, we were in the executive suites at the top of the building so it had a rather impressive view.

2016-0921-03 View.jpg

Talking of impressive, the cake stand was pretty huge. Not sure you can even spot me?

2016-0921-05 Cakes.jpg

Don’t worry, they weren’t all ours, in fact we didn’t get any of them but we did get a rather nice selection delivered to our table. I wasn’t sure which cake to have first though.

2016-0921-01 Afternoon tea.jpg     2016-0921-02 Afternoon tea.jpg

After all that yummy food, Karen thought it sensible I have some fruit or something savoury so I didn’t get a sugar high. There was plenty of choice of those too.

2016-0921-06 Fruit.jpg     2016-0921-07 Nuts.jpg

I wasn’t able to manage anything else until the next day and even then I only had a banana and some water. Think I need a refill on the water, its looking a bit low.

2016-0922 Healthy breakfast.jpg

The weekend eventually arrived and it felt a bit like summer still as the sun was out. I had a bit of a pool weekend with a rock pool, my own personal swimming pool and the tidal pool. Just a shame I’m not good with water!

2016-0924-01 Rock pool.jpg     2016-0924-02 Pool.jpg     2016-0924-03 Tidal pool.jpg

When I was walking along the beach, I noticed this big dome and thought an alien had landed, but it was a pop up theatre.

2016-0924-04 Alien theatre.jpg

I then went to the absolutely brilliant exhibit at the Pie Factory by Ross Andrews and Darren Lewis called Sand, Sea and Light. Two different mediums, one photography and one paintings, showing different aspects of the seaside. They were stunning and Karen was very tempted to buy more than one thing.

2016-0924-05 Art exhibit.jpg

I then had a rather nice walk home along the promenade which rounded the weekend off nicely.

2016-0925 Promenade walk.jpg