Variety is …

a) the spice of life

b) very confusing

c) a good show

Answers on a postcard please!

Its been awhile again but its not because I’ve not been doing anything, quite the opposite, I’ve been doing way too much. So bear with me while I tell you all about it.

Earlier in the month we went to see Andy Parsons at Margate Theatre Royal although technically I didn’t see him as I’m too young, but I was able to hear him and he was really quite funny and amusing. Afterwards, we went to the London tavern and had some rhubarb cider. Very hospitable they were too.

170505 Cider.jpg

The weekend bought a bracing walk along the clifftop to Westgate. Brrr, glad I was am made of wool and that Karen held onto me. Its really not what you expect for May. Karen even had her hat and gloves on.

170506-01 Westgate.jpg     170506-02 Westgate.jpg

Despite the weather, I was still able to enjoy the orange flowers because, as you know, orange is the best colour. Because I was with Karen, she did make me pose with the purple ones too although, as you can see, orange still dominated.

170506-03 Orange flowers.jpg     170506-04 Flowers.jpg

We then headed into Mental Health Awareness Week and Karen kindly lent me her green ribbon when she was working from home. This year was all about surviving or thriving and we certainly thrive on our adventures together.

170509 MHAW.jpg

Fortunately the weather had improved by the Wednesday and I was able to get out for a walk at lunchtime. Strangely, I had to take a photo by this beach hut but really can’t imagine why. Even though the sun was out, hardly any people on the beach as still quite cool (and it was midweek).

170510-01 Beach hut.jpg     170510-02 Westbrook.jpg

After all that exercise, it was followed by a yummy lunch from the Good Food Cafe which was a spinach and cheese toastie with an apple, carrot and rhubarb juice, which, of course, came out orange which made me rather happy.

170510-03 Good Food lunch.jpg

After another afternoon grafting away at the computer, I thought I deserved a nice rest in the sunshine. It was really quite relaxing and I’m surprised I didn’t doze off.

170510-04 Evening sun.jpg

More excitement to follow in the week when I went for a night out with the team. I was lucky that they fed me too and I helped myself to some of the chicken before washing it down with some prosecco.

170518-01 Chicken.jpg     170518-02 Prosecco.jpg

And now we’re onto the final weekend for this blog. The weather had got even better by now and we were in Westgate again. I saw these rather nicely decorated beach huts before enjoying the sun on the walk home.

170520-01 Beach huts.jpg     170520-02 Westbrook.jpg

Sunday bought the sunshine again and the wind had dropped, so it was rather like summer. Went for tea and cake at the Bus Cafe and they had kindly provided some exotic shade for me.

170521-01 Bus Cafe.jpg

It was all rather pleasant and the walk back along the beach barefoot was lovely, so I was surprised that there weren’t more people (not that I minded).

170521-02 Beach.jpg

So that’s you all caught up with my weekends apart from one. That’s going to be in a separate blog as its somewhere new.


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