Yes, spring has sprung with the days being longer and lots of pretty flowers blooming. I particularly like the daffodils outside my front gate as they are Malcolm sized.

170318-01 Daffodil.jpg

Had a lovely sunny walk last weekend although it was quite breezy and Karen had to hang on to me so I didn’t get blown over. Here’s me admiring Westbrook Bay. You can also see Karen’s home in the background.

170319-01 Westbrook.jpg

After all that fresh air and exercise, a cup of tea was much needed and I had tea with Tigger. I rather enjoyed that as he’s orange like me and also has paws although he was being naughty and trying to dip his paws into the tea.

170318-02 Tea with Tigger.jpg

To find someone so similar was rather exciting so I decided to do some exploring and found myself on Karen’s new wall light near one of her butterflies. I don’t think Karen was quite so impressed with my cavorting.

170319-02 Wall light.jpg

This weekend bought a visit from big sister Steph which meant lots of nice food. On Saturday we went to the Bus Cafe with the intention of having one of their hash mounds but we were just slightly too late, so ended up having one of their delicious salad boxes. They were also recognising spring and had daffodils too.

170325-01 Bus Cafe.jpg

I was also able to have a read of issue 4 of the Margate Mercury although just a brief one and had a proper read later on when at home on the sofa before I fell asleep. Lots of good information about future events around town.

Had a bit more of a walk into the old town and did some shopping, so then need more sustenance and stopped at the Cup Cake Cafe. Karen had courgette and pistachio cake which sounded strange but was rather yummy!

170325-02 Cup Cake Cafe.jpg

Sunday was more resting and more eating. As we missed out on the hash mounds on Saturday, we just had to try again. They were very busy so we got take away to have at home and really glad we did. I just wasn’t sure which one to have, the posh one or the veggie one.

170326 Hash mound.jpg

So that’s my starting story for spring although it wouldn’t be that time of year without a sunset or sunrise. Here’s a sunrise from Thursday which was quite amazing and, yes, that’s picture of the week.

170323 Sunrise.jpg



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