Celebrations, Canterbury and Cold

I had a quiet few weeks after the holiday but got busier again later on in February.

First was the night out to celebrate Karen’s promotion with some extra special people. Really should have had champagne as that begins with C but actually prefer prosecco so had some of that instead followed by some very welcome food.

180222-01 Champagne.jpg     180222-02 Food.jpg

As you can see, I did a bit of sword fighting, although not sure who with because everyone there was far too nice for any fighting.

180222-03 Swords.jpg

Karen is often busy taking photos of me to take photos of people so here’s a nice one of us with Paula.

180222-04 Paula.jpg

The next day we headed off to Canterbury with Maria, primarily to go to see the musical The Band at the Marlowe Theatre. It was a pretty awesome show and fabulous colour seats too.

180223-01 Tickets.jpg     180223-02 Theatre.jpg

Decided to stay overnight as we went to the late show so easier just to walk to the B&B. Had a lovely breakfast the next day – well, what was left of it.

180224-01 Breakfast.jpg

I did rather like the alcove in the restaurant and it would be a lovely place for something a bit more private. Far too big for me on my own though and not sure who Todd is.

180224-02 Breakfast.jpg

Stayed for a bit longer in Canterbury and wandered round the shops. First though we headed back to the theatre as they had a giant BAFTA face that I couldn’t resist.

180224-03 Bafta.jpg

It was fairly lovely by the river too, despite the cold. The property in the background is the Quakers meeting hall which looked very welcoming and homely.

180224-04 River.jpg

Also saw some very creative pavement art. You had to look through your camera to get the 3D effect and I then got a bit scared to be in the picture. It looked a rather deep drop which I really didn’t fancy.

180224-05 Pavement art.jpg

We walked for ages so definitely deserved a bit of a rest and hot drink. I held onto Karen’s cup so I could warm up.

180224-06 Hot chocolate.jpg

But that was nothing compared to what was to come.

Sub zero temperatures and snow, even at the seaside. I only braved one day outside and for a very short time to have fun doing some sledging and exploring some strange footprints. I did make sure I wrapped up though and still have the jumper on today.

180301-01 Sledging.jpg     180301-02 Footprints.jpg

Just in case you really think this is in the alps, here’s a picture which includes the sea in the background and me in some even deeper footprints.

180301-04 Snow and sea.jpg

Headed out yesterday for a while, first time in 4 days, so nice to be outside. Just a bit of remains of snow on the beach.

180303 Snow on beach.jpg

I think that’s a bit of a cold note to end on so here’s a picture of Margate main sands which was taken in February this year (yes, really).

180217 Sunny Margate.jpg


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