Introducing Monty

I have some very important news to share with you – I have a new companion and will be handing the reigns over to him as he’s much more resilient than me. However, it was a rather odd beginning as he arrived in the post with no note or postmark and it took a while before I found out that big sister sent him to me. He did, of course have to be given a name and I thought Monty seemed quite appropriate as it began with M (keeping the history going).

180310 Monty's arrival.jpg

Being a monkey he is, of course, mischievous and I caught him hanging on the tea tree in the kitchen. No, don’t worry, it wasn’t a real tea tree but a jewellery tree with mini glass teapots on. They are something that Karen got in Boston a few years ago but never knew how to display.

180401 Tea tree.jpg

After a bit more coaching, I thought that perhaps some fresh air would help to tire him out, so sent him out with Karen when she was having a lunch break when working from home. This was taken on Westbrook beach, the one closest to Karen’s flat.

180402 Beach.jpg

“Hey, Malcolm, don’t I get to say anything?” said Monty, “I thought you were handing over the reigns?”. Malcolm replied and gave Monty his blessing and best wishes.

I enjoyed the fresh air so much that I went out again the following weekend and got to see the lovely Main Sands when it wasn’t too busy.  I found the contrast of the sea and the clouds quite interesting and they had many different shades of green just like me (sort of).

180407 Main Sands.jpg

On the Sunday, we headed out to lunch with the lovely Sheila and met up at Ask. I did find the pasta that Karen chose a bit hard to manage but fortunately we had plenty of time to eat it.

180408 Lunch.jpg

It had got a bit cooler by then so I had borrowed Malcolm’s jumper but the weather improved by the following weekend and I saw Main Sands again. The tidal pool was as smooth as glass. I’m not sure yet if I’m allowed to go in the water because it doesn’t agree with Malcolm but then I am younger and made of sterner stuff, so we’ll have to see how the summer develops (and what I can get away with).

180415 Main Sands.jpg

This weekend was extremely exciting as Karen bought a new car, the first time in quite a while – its only 7 months old with low mileage so in really good condition. I did try to drive but found my arms and legs a little short which was rather unfortunate as she was trying to make up for leaving me behind at lunch (yes, I know, isn’t it shocking?).

180422-01 Car.jpg     180422-02 Car.jpg

I think I contrast quite nicely with the red.

The very summer like weekend was rounded off with a lovely sunset. Not sure I captured it at its best but its still lovely nonetheless. Every time I look out the window, its different and quite glorious to watch so expect some more in the near future.

180422-03 Sunset.jpg

I do hope you enjoyed my introductory post and look forward to sharing some more of my adventures, just like Monkey and Malcolm have before me. I have a lot to live up to.


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