Blog birthday

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday dear Monkey blog,

Happy birthday to me!


Yes, folks, today is my blog’s 5th birthday. I know I’ve been quiet for a while so thought I’d get everyone up to speed with what I’ve been up to just so you know I’m still around.

I know everyone is being encouraged to stay at home currently but most of these pictures were taken before that happened. I am also going out with Karen for her daily walk when its not too windy.

So, what have I been up to this year?

I seem to have been eating quite a bit, including teacakes and a cooked breakfast (yum, yum).

20200314_104920.jpg    20200207_112602.jpg

You’ll see from the second picture that I now have a new friend, although we only meet occasionally and not at the moment. Here’s when we were doing some monster hunting (or so we thought).


I also got some new friends for Easter from big sis and brother-in-law but they haven’t been out with me yet as they are too young.


And, of course, there have also been some nice walks in the sunshine too.



Ah, now smell that sea air!

So that’s about it for now apart from to say where’s my birthday cake?!

Jungle Animals Birthday Cake Decorating Guide



One thought on “Blog birthday

  1. Hi Monkey! Happy blog birthday! We’ve been busy here organizing lessons and chatting with family. Planning a walk tomorrow morning towards Millie’s. Shall be have a photoshoot? Xx


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