I was lucky enough to have some winter sun in January but its taken a while for me to write about it. Hope I can remember what happened.

It was certainly an early start for a Saturday. Although the flight wasn’t that early, leaving home was to make sure we got there in time to check in. Here’s me attempting to help Karen with her suitcase which was pretty impossible for someone of my size. It was rather confusing too as we’re not on our normal platform but I found out that’s because we were going to a different station.

1801-01 Station.jpg

One advantage of the early start was that we could have breakfast at the airport including a nice pot of tea of course.

1801-02 Breakfast at airport.jpg

Flight was uneventful and when we got to the hotel we went straight to the room as it had been a long day. It was a lovely large room and best of all the headboard was orange. Karen didn’t like it though because the lines weren’t straight. Like me, you probably haven’t even noticed.

1801-03 Bedroom.jpg

Karen did like the shower as it was a nice walk in one but I think they could have chosen a different colour for the tiles (like orange, for example).

1801-04 Shower.jpg

We wandered around the town the next day and saw some very creatively decorated fish on the harbour walkway. This was my favourite because of the colours.

1801-05 Harbour fish.jpg

The beach was pretty beautiful and the sea so clear and blue, rolling onto the clean white sand.

1801-06 Beach.jpg

The island is quite windy and is renowned for that so lots of surfers and kite surfers. I was tempted myself especially when I found a board just the right size for me.

1801-07 Surfing.jpg

I also found a nice sized wall for me and even better it was orange (sort of). It even had space for my big ears. I fit in well don’t you think?

1801-08 Wall.jpg

There were also lots of rocks there and some of them were black as the island does have a history of being volcanic. Fortunately not any active ones in recent years.

1801-09 Rocks.jpg

And with that lovely clear blue sea, how could I not try to go for a paddle.

1801-10 Paddling.jpg

The rock Karen found me was heart shaped but unfortunately that hasn’t come out that well in this picture.

After all that activity, it was only right that I had a rest so I did a bit of reading by the pool. Karen made sure that I had suncream and enough water so I kept healthy too.

1801-11 Poolside.jpg

I was rather tempted to go in for a swim but Karen wouldn’t let me even though I did a towel with me. I think it was because I’m made of wool. Either that or because the towel wasn’t Malcolm sized.

1801-12 Poolside.jpg

The rest of the week was spent walking around the town and along the beach watching the mesmerising waves, sitting having a drink, reading and even more walking.

1801-13 Harbourside.jpg

This is one of me on the harbour wall and in the background you can just about see Lanzarote. Karen was having to hold on to me due to the high winds.

1801-14 Lanzarote.jpg

I did manage to get onto some rocks and that’s the Isle of Lobos in the background, one of the national parks, with Lanzarote just to the left.

So that’s about it for this trip apart from one last bit of silliness at the airport. I liked the coconuts but I think Karen was drawn to the name of the shop which was ‘No Work Team’, quite apt for a holiday.

1801-15 Airport.jpg

Final question, then, what do you think is missing from this post? Answers on a postcard please. Prize may or may not be awarded (depending on who makes Karen laugh the most).


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