At the beginning of October Karen was on holiday although she wasn’t much fun as had a stinking head cold. Still managed to get out and about a bit, starting with afternoon tea with Debbie at Bessie’s Parlour in Broadstairs.

171003 Afternoon Tea.jpg

We then headed to Cromer for a couple of days to see Karen’s mum. The sea air certainly helped her cold. It was nice and bright and sunny, a perfect autumn day for walking along the seafront.

171005-01 Cromer pier.jpg

Walking further along the seafront, right into the wind, we came across a shipwreck. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a real one but something that had been designed as a children’s play area. It was so much fun to explore and thankfully it was in a less windy area.

171005-03 Shipwreck.jpg     171005-04 Shipwreck.jpg

It took me back to my childhood but, wait a minute, I still am a child (or was I ever a child if I’m a monkey?)!

And, of course, it wouldn’t have been Cromer if I didn’t have some crabs.

171005-05 Crabs.jpg

I then fancied playing hide and seek – can you see me?

171005-06 Underwater.jpg

Isn’t it a beautiful painting? Someone very talented did that but I don’t know who.

After all that playing, I was rewarded with lunch at the Rocket House Cafe which gives a great view of the pier.

171005-07 Rocket Cafe.jpg

And that was just the morning. In the afternoon, we headed to Sheringham Park to see an exhibition of outdoor photography. If I remember correctly, it was organised by Kew Gardens. On the way we came across this brilliant wooden arch which meant more playing.

171005-08 Wood arch.jpg

More sustenance was needed after that so we went to a local cafe and I had a very nice hot chocolate. It was relaxing as there were some artworks to look at too.

171005-10 Hot chocolate.jpg

The next day we headed back home to Margate. It was a bit of a journey so I made sure I put my feet up and relaxed.

171006 Going home.jpg

I’m not quite sure where the rest of October went but we’re now in the last weekend. Despite it being windy and cold, Karen still took me out for some fresh air and she had to hold on to me.

171029-01 Seaview.jpg     171029-02 Seaview.jpg

We were heading to The Hoy for Sunday lunch, always good value there and tasty too.

171029-03 Sunday lunch.jpg

After that it was back out in the wind and the cold but the sun had come out, so it was actually quite lovely walking back along the beach.

171029-04 Harbour Arm.jpg

I even managed to stay awake to write this blog although think it may be an early night tonight.


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