Afternoon Tea and Seaside Sunshine

The other Friday I was lucky enough to work from home, actually that’s all I do now but without much work involved. What I meant to say was that I was able to go for a lunchtime walk as I had Karen to supervise me. We had a lovely wander to the Bus Cafe and the beach practically to ourselves. Shame that we had to go back to work.

170915 Lunchtime walk.JPG

On the Saturday I was let loose in London. We met up with Alli to go for a Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson Hotel which was quite a treat. I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I should have dressed up but fortunately it was fairly flexible so it didn’t matter that I didn’t have my tie on.

170916-01 Mad Hatter.jpg

It was a bit strange though going for afternoon tea in the evening. Think it was because it was a tipsy one as had a few cocktails included as well.

170916-02 Cocktails.JPG

I wasn’t sure which one to start with and, then to make it even more difficult, there then came layers and layers of food. The best bit about that was that they had Malcolm sized cocktails so that finished it off nicely.

170916-03 Afternoon Tea.JPG     170916-04 Cocktails.jpg

After all that food and drink I needed a rest, so sat in the garden chair. Technically it wasn’t the garden but it felt like it because of the landscaping and waterfall.

170916-05 Garden Chair.JPG

On the way out and in the reception area I found a very lovely shaped sofa. Much loved it was by all.

170916-06 Sofa.jpg

This weekend I had a relaxing one in Margate as I’ve had far too much fun of late. It was lovely wandering into town yesterday whilst being able to listen to the waves lapping against the sea wall.

170923-01 Sea.JPG

Even though it was quite a nice day, the beach was relatively empty. Karen took the opportunity to have a walk in the sand barefoot.

170923-02 Beach.JPG

When we eventually got to the harbour arm, lots of seagulls had congregated, probably because they were being fed.

170923-03 Harbour.jpg

That gave me an idea and so I decided to have a snack at the Turner Contemporary. Lovely it was too as less noise and even found a place to sit in the sun.

170923-04 Tea at Turner.JPG

Sunday we went to the Farmers Market in Cliftonville as it was their 16th birthday. Managed to get the odd treat or too but made sure we walked a bit so that we could enjoy them. We weren’t far from Walpole Bay tidal pool and it did look tempting. Karen didn’t have her swimming costume and, as you know, water doesn’t agree with me.

170924 Walpole Bay.JPG

My next blog may be back to having more fun as going on holiday so will let you know how it goes.


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