Puddings and Birthday Bonanza

We were treated to a rather glorious bank holiday weekend when the sun shone loads. It was really beautiful so I couldn’t resist getting out and about. The challenge was finding a bit of beach without too many people on it but I did manage it (just). It was so lovely walking home as the tide was coming in so the waves were gently lapping onto the sand (sigh).

170827-01 Westbrook Beach.jpg     170827-06 Westbrook rocks.jpg

170828-01 Westbrook.jpg     170828-02 Westbrook.jpg

To make sure I didn’t have too much sun, I went into the Turner to see their exhibition but, before going inside, I was very impressed by the orange pieces outside. Perfect colour and perfect shade.

170827-02 Turner.jpg

I then, of course, headed out to see the Anthony Gormley sculpture and was rather taken by the sailboats too.

170827-03 Gormley.jpg     170827-04 Turner beach.jpg

I then headed onto the Harbour Arm and had a longing look across the sea to my home. Its just a bit too far to swim (and water doesn’t agree with me) so I did walk back but took lots of breaks to enjoy the scenery and not tire out my little legs too much.

170827-05 Harbour Arm.jpg     170828-03 Westbrook.jpg

Then it was back to work, unfortunately, but I did get treated to this amazing sunrise.

170829 Sunrise.jpg

At least Karen had the decency to provide a chair for me this time around. Not sure it was approved by occupational health but it did the job as I felt that I was still in Margate.

170901-01 Office deckchair.jpg

I did have to do some proper work at some point but I was supervising really.

170901-02 Office.jpg

I soon found out that it was actually a trick and the reason I was in the office was because we were going away for the weekend to the Cotswolds. We went to the Three Ways House Hotel in Mickleton because that is the home of the Pudding Club.

170903-02 Hotel.jpg     170903-01 Mickleton sign.jpg

Pudding Club was on the Friday night and was very ceremonial, including the march of the puddings. I won’t give too much away but would highly recommend it.

170901-05 Pudding club.jpg     170901-06 Pudding club.jpg

We also had to mark each of the puddings (if we had each of them) and choose our favourite. Karen’s was apple crumble and Maria’s was jam roly poly but unfortunately not everyone agreed (which is just wrong).

170901-03 Pudding club.jpg     170901-04 Lyles syrup.jpg

As I was rather full after all that food, I had a little explore of the hotel and enjoyed the lounge. It will be really comfy in winter when the fire is lit. There are some really lovely photos adorning the walls too.

170902-02 Lounge.jpg

Saturday I looked a bit further around the hotel and found these very nice purple flowers in reception. I can’t imagine why Karen liked them, can you? I also saw some of the gifts that you could buy too, many with reminders of the Pudding Club, but somehow I didn’t come home with any.

170902-01 Reception flowers.jpg     170902-03 Presents.jpg

Karen and Maria then headed into Broadway which was a lovely village not too far away. I think they went the scenic route though which is fine, except not much good for Maria who was driving. Fortunately I found some signs so it was better on the way back. Even after all those puddings, I still managed to fit in a scone, just to keep me going.

170902-04 Broadway.jpg     170902-05 Scone.jpg

Some of the shops in Broadways were art galleries and I had lots of fun climbing on some of the sculptures when no-one was looking. Karen did, of course, spot me messing about but it did amuse her, particularly when I was on the sheep.

170902-06 Sheep.jpg     170902-09 Sheep.jpg

170902-07 Glass sail.jpg     170902-08 Tree.jpg

We then headed back to the hotel and found some treats in the room, something to do with chocolate indulgence apparently. Decided to have a little wander around the hotel garden before having a snooze.

170902-10 Chocolate.jpg     170902-11 Hotel garden.jpg

I did wake up for dinner which was good as I had a gap in my tummy by that point. We didn’t choose all the dishes with chocolate in but certainly had to have it for dessert.

170902-12 Dinner.jpg     170902-13 Pudding.jpg

Again, for some reason, felt quite full after that food so decided to have a few games of scrabble. Not sure I was much help so I was the referee and Maria won.

170902-14 Scrabble.jpg     170902-15 Scrabble.jpg

Sunday was the rest of the chocolate indulgence and that was much better than the Saturday. We had a car treasure hunt where we had to solve clues which were chocolate related. It was quite good going around new areas in the car but we didn’t do very well at the quiz. Despite that, we still got some chocolate goodies and watched the chef, Tim, cooking up three different dishes, all of which had to be tasted.

170903-03 Pudding.jpg     170903-04 Goody bags.jpg

Somehow the girls managed to fit in Sunday lunch too, although it was so that they didn’t have to cook when they got home (apparently).

170903-05 Sunday lunch.jpg

After all that food, I really needed a rest, but it was back to work again. However, it was Karen’s birthday on the Monday so her and Julie went out for a long lunch by the sea and then they had a paddle! Well, they paddled, I looked after the shoes.

170904-01 Paddling.jpg     170904-02 Harbour Arm.jpg

Karen was rather spoilt as she got lots of lovely cards and presents which also included all these flowers.

170904-03 Flowers.jpg     170904-04 Flowers.jpg

Karen also purchased a picture from Julie, who is extremely talented, and it looks very lovely on the lounge wall.

170904-05 Poppy picture.jpg

So the next birthday in the birthday bonanza was Maria’s (but not the Maria that went to the pudding club, her’s is on the 11th). This Maria had a milestone birthday so I made sure that Karen remembered her gifts and tried to help her carry them but not very successfully. Fortunately they got there in one piece.

170908-01 Maria's presents.jpg     170908-02 Maria's presents.jpg

As it was a special occasion, we went to the Ivy City Gardens near Liverpool Street. I hope you notice that I got dressed up. We even had a cocktail too.

170908-03 Ivy.jpg     170908-05 Cocktails.jpg

The food was yummy too and Karen had an rather inventive dessert which was, of course, chocolate. Its a video that Karen has but she hasn’t quite worked out how to add this to the blog so you’ll have to ask her to see that one.

170908-04 Lunch.jpg

I wasn’t sure if somewhere so smart would allow animals but they do as they have their own elephant.

170908-06 Elephant.jpg

I think that’s you all caught up now and sorry it was such a long blog this time around but I do hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed making it. I promise the next won’t be so food orientated (apart from afternoon tea next weekend …).


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