Christmas Part 1

Welcome to the start of the Christmas festivities. It began quite early this year with a party on 30 November – rocking the Christmas boat with Tanya. Here’s me under the disco lights.

171130-02 Disco.jpg

I was lucky enough to stay over in London that night and booked into a hotel so didn’t have to worry about trains home. The hotel helped with making me feel festive by having some reindeer in reception. Not sure where Santa was though, maybe having a rest before all the hard work starts.

171201-01 Reindeer.jpg

The next day I was out for drinks with Julie as a belated birthday celebration. We left work early and went to one of the high rise hotels near Canary Wharf. The view was fabulous view and even better as we got there just in time for sunset. The way the sun lit up the water was so pretty.

171201-03 Sunset drinks.jpg

The only problem was choosing which cocktail to have as they were all so unique. I was not impressed with the girls for not having chosen an orange cocktail although Julie’s did come close and, of course, Karen had a purple one.

171201-04 Cocktails.jpg

On the way out, I saw these fabulous cups outside a coffee shop. I think they were more wobbly than me but that’s because I was good and only had one cocktail (despite what’s the picture shows).

171201-05 Tea.jpg

At the weekend the lovely Maria and her hubby John were staying in Broadstairs so I went over to meet them to see the Christmas lights switch on. I was lucky enough to have a ride on a blood bike but fortunately didn’t need it for real (apart from anything else, I don’t have any blood).

171202-01 Rescue bike.jpg

Later on we went to Restaurant 54 for dinner and that was all rather delicious.

171202-02 Starter.jpg     171202-03 Main.jpg

I think, though, that the chocolate platter for desert was my favourite even if it did mean I didn’t have room for the after dinner chocolate despite the fact that they were orange.

171202-04 Desert.jpg     171202-05 Chocolate.jpg

I was then lucky enough to meet Santa at the hotel so that must have been where he was resting when I didn’t see him earlier with his reindeer.

171202-06 Santa.jpg

The following Friday was the works Christmas do and we went to a place in central London for lunch which was delicious too. I even dressed up for the occasion but that was more so I didn’t have to do a forfeit.

171208-02 Starter.jpg     171208-03 Main.jpg

I may have had one too many sherbets as started climbing the Christmas tree.

171208-01 Christmas tree.jpg

After a few more drinks, I even managed to make a new friend.

171208-05 Clubbing.jpg     171208-04 Meringue.jpg

The only thing I could do after all that partying was have some fresh air and exercise at the seaside. Gosh, though, it was rather fresh yesterday but Margate was looking as stunning as ever in the winter sunshine.

171216 Fresh air.jpg

So that’s it for part 1 but look out for part 2 in a couple of weeks time.


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