Bank holiday bonus

We had another bank holiday this Monday and, boy oh boy, did the weather deliver on being typical for a British bank holiday. It was blowing a gale in Margate and wasn’t so warm, so the heating had to come back on. Just as well it wasn’t too nice as I’d got a bit behind with my blogs so it gave me a chance to catch up.

When we went out for our walk on Saturday, I was tempted by the sea as the sun was shining but then Karen pointed out the big waves that were blowing over the tidal pool.

2016-0529-01 Big waves.jpg

Fortunately, it was nice enough that we could sit on Margate steps (with a fleece on) and watch the world go by. Lots of people were in shorts and t-shirts which seemed a bit of an over commitment to a beach holiday in the UK bearing in mind the temperature.

2016-0529-04 View from the steps.jpg

There were lots of children around, of course, as its half term and a couple of them had kindly built me some wonderful sandcastles.

2016-0529-02 Sandcastle.jpg     2016-0529-03 Sandcastle.jpg

The biggest event going on in Margate was Margate Meltdown. Its something that happens every May bank holiday and all the bikers come down. I have never seen so many bikes in one place and was only able to look at a few.

2016-0530-01 Meltdown.jpg     2016-0530-02 Meltdown.jpg

Best of all, on Saturday, a couple of Mods got married and they had the ceremony in the main square followed by fish and chips (the ambulance is unrelated).

2016-0529-05 Mod wedding.jpg

You may be wondering what the bonus is and whether that’s a reference to an extra day off work. Well, when I was going through my photos with Karen, we found some from Broadstairs which I hadn’t added to a blog, so thought I’d take the opportunity to share them with you now.

It is also a nice reminder in such horrible weather that the sun does shine. In fact, the McDonalds advert does say “you know its summer when Margate looks like Miami”.

What I like about Broadstairs is that the public gardens are so well tendered so, despite all the chaos of lots of people, it feels quite tranquil.

2016-0430-02 Broadstairs.jpg     2016-0430-04 Broadstairs.jpg     2016-0430-06 Broadstairs.jpg

And there are some pretty good clifftop views too.

2016-0430-03 Broadstairs.jpg

2016-0430-05 Broadstairs.jpg

But its just not Margate …

As a final (and unrelated) thought, I wanted to share with you some lovely sweets that Karen’s big sister bought her. Some are of the view that its like eating the Minions, so I use them as slippers instead.

2016-0430-01 Minion tic tacs.jpg



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