Two for the price of one

Last week when I was visiting the lovely Maria on Wednesday, it was rather chilly and she mentioned this to Karen, so Karen made me a scarf at the weekend. I do look rather smart and think I now fit in with those working city folks.

2016-0228-01 Scarf.jpg

At the weekend, I did some rock climbing but I found it rather scary as it was a bit high for someone so little, so I found a nice sand dune where I felt much safer.

2016-0228-02 Rock climbing.jpg   2016-0228-03 Sandy beach.jpg

During the week, I wasn’t able to visit Maria as she was away on holiday but I did get to visit Chris for the first time properly, although I do normally see him on a daily basis as he sits across the way from Karen. Before he’d let me have anything to eat, he made me work for it, and I had to chair a meeting but it was rather fun being in charge.

2016-0302-01 Chairing meeting.jpg     2016-0302-02 Lunch.jpg

After that treat, I made sure that Karen looked after me and asked her bring me breakfast. I wasn’t sure what to have out of the choices she gave me but went for the banana in the end as that’s much easier for me to eat and the spoon for the yoghurt was enormously big.

2016-0303-01 Breakfast.jpg

Friday evening was quite exciting as we went out after work when we got home to Margate, which was a novelty. It was because the rather funny and brilliant Sarah Millican came to do her Outsiders show and it was very amusing. She even told a joke about monkeys but its far too rude to repeat. Being the nice person that she is, she was giving away badges so I chose the flower one. It was so, so, so cold walking home along the front that I had to put my jumper on when I got in.

2016-0303-02 Sarah Millican.jpg

The weekend then got even more exciting on Saturday as Maria and John visited. They were staying nearby and came to see Karen’s flat as last time they saw it it was nothing but boxes. They wandered into town and had lunch at the Cupcake Cafe, taking my advice on the chunky cheese on toast, then Karen tried the soup which was lovely but did rather steam things up. Maria treated us to a yummy strawberry cupcake as well (because it would have been rude not to).

2016-0304-01 Soup.jpg     2016-0304-02 Cup cake.jpg

In the evening, Karen went over to their hotel, The Corner House in Minster where they had dinner. It was absolutely scrumptious and the dauphinois potatoes were the best ever with the lamb so tender it fell off the shoulder. Sadly the evening was over all too quickly but I think another visit may be in order soon.

2016-0304-03 Corner House.jpg

I do hope you’ve noticed how smart I look.

On Sunday it was a beautiful sunny day in Margate so I made sure I had a walk to get some exercise and fresh air. I almost got a sun tan!

2016-0305-01 Sunny day.jpg


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