Birthday Blog

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday Monkey blog

Happy birthday to me


Guess what – it was my Monkey blog birthday on Thursday which was rather exciting. Its been a year already and what a fun year it has been. Adam asked me what my top post was and I had to think quite hard about that as I’ve done so many wonderful things. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

I thought that the occasion should be marked with cake so I persuaded Karen to buy me a banoffee cup cake which I dove right into. Quite surprised there was no candle though, so I hope she does better next year. I might be big enough to blow it out by then.

2016-0421-03 Birthday cake.jpg     2016-0421-04 Birthday cake.jpg

The Queen happened to turn 90 on the same day and I hope she feels suitably honoured at sharing such a special birthday.

The other person with a birthday this week was Adam and he turned 40. It was only fitting to give him some presents and I also sang happy birthday to him from my podium next to his balloon.

2016-0421-02 Adam's 40th presents.jpg     2016-0421-01 Adam's 40th balloon.jpg

The weekend wasn’t quite as exciting and the weather seemed to have gone backwards. It was rather chilly and I nearly put my jumper back on. When its windy like that, it does make the waves rather big.

2016-0423-01 Big waves.jpg

As Karen didn’t want me being out too near to the sea, she did let me have some fun on a ride with my monkey cousin. We had to keep the L plates on though as we’re still learning to drive.

2016-0423-02 Monkey ride.jpg

On the way home, Karen picked up some rather pretty flowers from the Old Kent Market, although she couldn’t explain why there weren’t any orange ones.

2016-0423-03 Flowers.jpg

On Sunday, the wind was even stronger and I wasn’t even allowed out of Karen’s bag. She did take lots of photos for me though and here’s one showing how stormy it is. What a difference from last weekend.

2016-0424-02 Stormy Margate.jpg

Apparently, the clouds didn’t protect us from the aliens who decided to land on the beach. Glad I wasn’t allowed out as I think that would have been scary.

2016-0424-01 Alien.jpg

Or is Karen just pulling my leg and teasing me, when its actually a sea plant?


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