January Joy

I know its been a while since I last blogged but I’ve been rather busy so this is the first weekend I’ve had a chance to write one.

The beginning of January brought its usual going back to work and, although I’d been working from home in-between, I had to do the early starts again and get the train into London.

170104 Back to work.jpg

But there was something more exciting about to happen – a new home in Margate for us. Karen got the keys on 6 January and so we visited at the weekend. Whilst she was cleaning, I sat and looked out at the lovely view which was taken from the lounge facing towards Margate (you can just see the harbour arm in the distance).

170108 View from new lounge.jpg

I’m really not sure why she expected me to help, after all, the cleaning products and tools are all bigger than me.

We weren’t ready to move straight in and had to go back to work, so I did try to help Karen get her bag ready but it turned into a game of hide and seek because I blended in with her notepad. I think I hid quite well, don’t you?

170110 Work ready.jpg

I then wanted to listen to some music so I had something to entertain me on the journey, but got a bit tangled up in the headphones.

170111 Music.jpg

Whilst I was in Canary Wharf this week I came across these rather lovely angel wings which changed colour.

170126 Canary Wharf winter lights.jpg

The weekend came and then it was our first proper one at the home without having to spend the whole time unpacking. It all went rather well and the place is looking lovely now.

IMG_3722.jpg     IMG_3687.jpg

IMG_3711.jpg     IMG_3712.jpg


I even got time to go out and have some fun on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we wandered into Westgate and, although its not much further than Margate, I did need a sit down to rest my little legs.

170128-01 Rockery.jpg

On the way home from Westgate, there was a superb sunset (I don’t think any other words are needed).

170128-02 Sunset over Westgate.jpg

Then on Sunday it was lunch at The Hoy and I was even allowed a taste of the fruit cider Karen had.

170129 Cider at Sunday lunch.jpg

No pictures of the food though as Karen’s phone had run out of charge taking all those photos at home but, don’t worry, its back to normal now and you’ll be seeing a lot more of the new place and me!


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