Christmas 2016

After it looking a lot like Christmas, it was Christmas – who knew that was going to happen?!

It started at work with me hanging off some stars. I did, of course, have some help so that it was a surprise when Karen got back to her desk.

2016-1221-01 Hanging stars.jpg

Sadly, it couldn’t stay like that as it distracted her from her work (boo, hiss). The stars were switched on each day later in the afternoon when it started to get dark, but I didn’t do any more hanging off of them.

Fortunately, the very talented Julie gave Karen a gift for Christmas which she was allowed to open early and I was able to get the benefit, so that distracted me from distracting Karen.

2016-1221-03 Art present.jpg

As I was feeling arty and liked the lights in the dark, I went to see the very pretty Canary Wharf by the ice rink and even sat on a lit up bench. It wasn’t quite my colour though.

2016-1221-02 Art park.jpg

We went for an informal team lunch and, not only did Karen have some orange food for me to make up for the colour of the bench, but I also got to display a couple of the cracker contents.

2016-1222-01 Orange food.jpg

Later that same day was another feast and I rather liked the serviettes, particularly the one that came with dough balls (not that they were mine).

2016-1222-02 Mistletoe.jpg     2016-1222-03 Dough balls.jpg

On Friday, we headed to the hotel in Windsor where we were staying over the Christmas weekend. I made myself at home quite quickly and was rather cosy in the dressing gown.

2016-1223-01 Hotel dressing gown.jpg

However, afternoon tea called as I hadn’t had lunch and that was rather tasty. It wasn’t proper afternoon tea, just a scone, but it filled the gap until dinner.

2016-1223-02 Afternoon tea.jpg

In the gap until dinner, I took the chance to explore and it was rather festive in Windsor. First there was the hotel Christmas tree.

2016-1223-03 Christmas tree.jpg

Then there were the street decorations and the tree outside of the castle, all of which were rather regal.

2016-1223-04 Street decorations.jpg     2016-1223-05 Castle tree.jpg

Back at the hotel, there were lots of Malcolm sized toys for me to play with, including guardsman and post boxes. I wasn’t too sure about the head made of stamps though as it wasn’t Malcolm sized.

2016-1224-01 Guardsman.jpg     2016-1224-02 Post boxes.jpg     2016-1224-03 Stamp head.jpg

I did enjoy riding the stags even if one of them did cover me in glitter.

2016-1224-04 Stags.jpg     2016-1224-05 Stags.jpg

As we were in Windsor, it would have been rude not to go to the castle so we did that on Christmas Eve and then saw the other entrance on Christmas Day. Unfortunately photos weren’t allowed inside the castle which was a shame, particularly as there was a rather lovely Christmas tree with a corgi underneath it. Not sure where the monkey was though, just glad I wasn’t on the top of the tree or in the tower for misbehaving!

2016-1224-06 Castle.jpg     2016-1225-02 Castle.jpg

Christmas Eve dinner was quite pretty and I got to join in the games, which also included a Malcolm sized pack of cards.

2016-1224-07 Dinner.jpg     2016-1224-08 Playing cards.jpg

Christmas Day bought even more fun and games with sprout roulette and, as you may have noticed, I do love sprouts. There were even party hats provided although they were a touch big for me.

2016-1225-01 Sprout roulette.jpg     2016-1225-03 Party hats.jpg

I did also have fun with the party poppers and a bit too much fun for some, so the ear warmers didn’t stay on for too long.

2016-1225-04 Party poppers.jpg     2016-1225-05 Party poppers.jpg

After all those festivities, we had to get some fresh air on bank holiday Monday, so had a wander round by the river. There were also some very nice gardens, one of which had a royal maze in it.

2016-1226-02 Royal maze.jpg

I even managed to find some orange trees too which was rather unexpected.

2016-1226-01 Orange tree.jpg

To round off our Royal Christmas, we went to see the Queen’s steam engine which is kept at the station, although isn’t functional now as she has a newer one she uses.

2016-1226-03 Royal train.jpg

So that was all rather lovely but it was back to real life and work between Christmas and New Year.

Thankfully, it did mean I got some more fresh air and exercise and I was back where I belonged – at the seaside.

2016-1231-01 Tidal pool.jpg

I even made my own seaside party hat.

2016-1231-02 Seaside hat.jpg

Whilst we were out during the day on New Year’s Eve, there was a glimmer of sunshine which Karen captured just at the right time.

2016-1231-03 Beaming sun.jpg



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