Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I bet you’ve got that song in your head now – sorry!

Its my first Christmas and I didn’t know too much about it, but Karen kindly gave me a bit of a tour. I first saw Santa’s Grotto in Canary Wharf, although it was a bit early to see him (time wise, not date wise).

2016-1202-01 Santa's Grotto.jpg

I was chatting to Lucy and trying to find alternatives for advent calendars that weren’t made out of chocolate and Karen had seen a sprout that you could peel. Sarah then chimed in with the suggestion of elf on the shelf, who’s meant to watch over you and make sure that you are good. So, of course, a Christmas shelf was born.

2016-1202-02 Christmas shelf.jpg

I did eventually get an advent calendar although some of the windows were quite hard to open as I’m only little.

2016-1202-03 Advent calendar.jpg

Had a little bit of a break from Christmas at the weekend, even though I did have to help Karen finish her Christmas shopping. It was a beautiful day in Margate and saw a lovely sunset on the way home. It was so fabulous to see the beach in daylight.

2016-1203-01 Sunset.jpg

I even found some antlers and tried to do my reindeer impression but not terribly successfully as they were a touch too big for me.

2016-1203-02 Antlers.jpg

Then it was another work week and, although I am a home monkey really, Karen made me go in a couple of days as there were some surprises for me.

The first one was that Paula made me my own personalised bauble which I absolutely loved – even the writing was my colour. I was a bit naughty and did my Miley Cyrus impression (wrecking ball), although not for long, of course, as I was at work after all.

2016-1207-01 Bauble.jpg     2016-1207-02 Wrecking Ball.jpg

Wednesday was wonderful as we had lunch at Harrods with Maria as a little treat. It was a really beautiful restaurant and so calm and quiet, the food wasn’t bad either.

2016-1207-03 Harrods.jpg     2016-1207-04 Harrods.jpg     2016-1207-06 Harrods.jpg

2016-1207-05 Harrods.jpg     2016-1207-07 Harrods.jpg

Thursday was the official party day and I even got dressed up.

2016-1208-01 Sprouts.jpg

At the restaurant there were crackers and everything. The hat matched my badge, which Karen had actually stolen by that point but, even better, the gifts were orange (and you know that’s my favourite colour).

2016-1208-02 Cracker.jpg     2016-1208-03 Party hat.jpg

I even made a couple of new friends, one of whom lit up (and so did the other I found out afterwards).

2016-1208-04 New friends.jpg     2016-1208-05 Santa.jpg

The rest of the party was just for grown ups so I was safely stowed away in Karen’s bag so that a youngster like me wasn’t led astray.

We haven’t had a picture of the week for a while, mainly because its more dark than light, but here’s another lovely one of the sunset from last weekend.

Have a good week and take care of yourselves.

Malcolm x

2016-1203-03 Picture of the week.jpg


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