Bath plus

Did you miss me last week? Well, don’t worry, not only will I be telling you about my trip to Bath but also what I was up to the previous weekend.

Before I can tell you about all of that, I have to tell you that the mean Karen made me go to work. Not only did I have to get up in the dark but I had to travel on the train too. It was really quite exhausting so I really very much deserved that cup of tea (even if it was big enough for me to swim in!).

2016-1114-01 First day at work.jpg     2016-1114-03 Out the bag.jpg     2016-1114-05 Breakfast.jpg

Fortunately Karen was a bit nicer at the weekend and I was able to get some fresh air. There was even some sunshine which was rather glorious. Glad I’m made of wool though as it was rather chilly.

2016-1119-01 Westbrook.jpg     2016-1119-02 Westbrook.jpg

We then popped along to the hairdressers and I thought about getting my nails done but remembered that I don’t have any nails to do. I did get given another cup of tea though.

2016-1119-03 Hairdressers.jpg

Sunday was another relaxing day with a walk along the front followed by a hot chocolate and some reading in a local cafe. Whilst walking, we were lucky enough to see a tall ship although you probably can’t see it in the photo.

2016-1120-01 Beach.jpg     2016-1120-02 Hot chocolate.jpg

So then came another Monday and no work but a trip to Bath instead for a few days holiday. Not sure if this means you work one week and then get the next week off? It was a couple of train journeys away so needed a cup of tea when I arrived which was accompanied with a couple of locally made biscuits.

2016-1121-02 Hotel tea.jpg

There was also a complimentary box of chocolates which were demolished and then I had a rest after that on the rather large (for me) bed.

2016-1121-03 Hotel tray.jpg     2016-1121-01 Hotel bedroom.jpg

The first day was really rather wet so didn’t get out too much, although had a nice autumnal moment in the park followed by some hot chocolate (yes, another one).

2016-1122-01 Park.jpg     2016-1122-02 Hot chocolate.jpg

Fortunately Wednesday was a bit drier so able to get out a bit more. Saw the famous abbey and Roman Baths, both of which were very impressive. I even found my own monkey sized bath just for me.

2016-1123-01 Bath Abbey.jpg     2016-1123-02 Roman Baths.jpg

2016-1123-03 Roman Baths.jpg     2016-1123-04 Roman Baths.jpg

I then had a wander along by the river which was quite fast running after all that rain, so I wasn’t allowed too close.

2016-1123-06 River.jpg

On Thursday I was allowed to play in the hotel gardens for a bit after breakfast and even got a ride on a horse.

2016-1124-01 Hotel horse.jpg

The day was then spent doing lots of shopping and getting Christmas presents, so not too many pictures as I had to stay safe in Karen’s bag due to all the people and I’m also not allowed to spoil any surprises. I was, however, allowed out for a famous bath bun and yet more hot chocolate.

2016-1124-02 Bath Bun.jpg

After all that effort and walking over the last few days, I was just ready to collapse so Karen thought it would be a nice for me to relax in the hotel spa and jacuzzi.

2016-1124-03 Spa.jpg     2016-1124-04 Spa.jpg

I travelled home on the Friday and managed to get some sun on the way which was pleasant. Karen also treated me to a picture of home which I enjoyed.

2016-1125 Train home.jpg


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