Please welcome Malcolm the Monkey to the world.

I’m an evolution of Monkey and was kindly knitted by a Irena from Latvia, so have travelled quite far to reach Karen.

2016-0913-01 Malcolm.jpg

After that long journey, I was really quite hungry and needed to be fed so Karen kindly let me have some of her Sunday lunch when she was in Olby’s.

2016-0913-02 Sunday lunch.jpg

There was quite a lot to eat so had a bit of a walk home where I was introduced to Margate main sands. Its a good job I’m made of wool as that made sure I kept warm.

2016-0913-03 Main sands.jpg

The sea seemed quite far away though as it was low tide and I asked Karen if I could get a bit closer, so I was allowed to sit on the edge of the tidal pool.

2016-0913-04 Tidal pool.jpg

As the sun was starting to go down, it seemed sensible to go inside but not before I saw Westbrook beach which is right by Karen’s new home.

2016-0913-05 Westbrook.jpg

I do hope you enjoyed the tale of my first adventure with Karen and I look forward to telling you about many more.


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