New Arrival

I have some sad news and some good news.

The sad news is that I didn’t survive the trip to and from work and, despite Karen’s best efforts, I couldn’t be fixed.

(pause for silence)

Karen missed having me quite a lot so she changed her phone wallpaper which means that I can be with her all the time.

2016-1030-01 Monkey wallpaper.jpg

The “good” news is that there is a new Monkey. He’s only a baby but still someone for Karen to have adventures with.

2016-1030-02 New arrival.jpg

I think we may have to give him a name. What do you think it should be?

Here he is learning to type as outside adventures have yet to take place. Hopefully this typing lesson will hold him in good stead for work this week. He should also last longer than me as he’s made of silicon rather than wood. It just won’t be the same though.

2016-1030-03 Learning to type.jpg

So, that’s quite a short blog and I hope it wasn’t too boring or upsetting for you.

There is one more photo to share with you which is the tidal pool on Saturday. It was amazingly still and looked so beautiful in the sunshine.

2016-1030-04 Tidal pool.jpg


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