After falling apart, I needed a break somewhere nice and Karen took me to see Debbie and Wayne in Lincolnshire. Getting there, though, was interesting and I was put into a small see through bag with all my various bits and pieces in.

2016-1014 Travelling.jpg

Got there safely, even if a bit delayed and the last bit in a taxi which the train company paid for. I couldn’t believe that the last connection was at 19.35! That’s real country living.

Things soon transitioned into a holiday, there was even a palm tree which was a present for me and only me. Just like me, it was a bit wobbly.

2016-1015-01 Palm tree.jpg     2016-1015-02 Palm tree.jpg

On the Saturday, I was rather pleased to be attended to by Dr Debbie who fixed me all up. Yes, I was standing again – hip, hip hooray.

2016-1016-01 All fixed.jpg

I did, of course, have to go and do some exploring. I came across some rather wonderful animals (because they were orange) and a pretty orchid.

2016-1016-02 Orange animals.jpg     2016-1016-03 Orchid.jpg

There was another animal there, although he wasn’t orange and quite right too as he’s a dog called Blake. He was rather adorable and came for cuddles but was a little big for me so I admired him from afar.

2016-1015-03 Blake.jpg

After a big breakfast on Sunday and before a roast dinner, we entertained ourselves by playing monopoly. I tried to be a piece on the board but wasn’t allowed, but I did sneak on there when they weren’t looking. I was good though and didn’t knock any buildings over or steal any money. I probably should have done that as Karen lost in the end (and by quite a few million).

2016-1016-04 Monopoly.jpg     2016-1016-05 Monopoly.jpg

Monday meant going back to London and to work. Unfortunately it was all a bit much and I fell apart again during the journey.

2016-1017-01 Morning tea.jpg

So I think that means I’m permanently disabled now but that’s ok because I have the support of Reach.

2016-1017-02 Disabled.jpg

Karen thinks it looks as though I’m cheering her on which helps her to keep going both at work and at home.


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