Falling Apart

Brace yourself, this may be a difficult one to read.

First off, I was made to go back to work on Monday AND wear office clothes as its now October.

2016-1003 Back to work.jpg

We were all very busy this week and I couldn’t wait until Friday, I even stripped off before leaving the office.

2016-1007 Friday.jpg

We were going to have some team drinks due to a power down but people had more exciting things to do like going away for the weekend so I headed home. I was rather tired so didn’t particularly mind. Even without drinking, I felt wobbly and fell over.

2016-1008-01 Wobbly.jpg     2016-1008-02 Fell over.jpg

That was when it all went wrong and you could say I was legless.

2016-1008-03 Legless.jpg

Karen did manage to patch me up a bit on Saturday but I think I need to go to hospital for some medical attention. Sorry readers but hopefully I’ll be back having adventures soon.


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