Isle of Man

So, off we went on holiday. I made sure Karen had everything with her before we left including her passport. Not sure why I don’t need one, though – I hope its not because I’m being smuggled anywhere.

2016-0926-01 Passport.jpg

We flew from London City and its quite a nice airport as its not too big. Best of all they had Monkey sized safety seats.

2016-0926-02 Airport waiting.jpg

That couldn’t be said of the hotel bed – it was huge. Technically they did cheat as it was two singles pushed together. Not sure you are even able to see me in this picture.

2016-0926-03 Hotel bed.jpg

The view from the hotel room was quite good and I even saw a horse on the first day.

2016-0926-04 Hotel view.jpg

After a little rest, we wandered out onto the beach at Douglas bay and it was like coming home.

2016-0926-05 Douglas bay.jpg

It was slightly different from Margate and, not just because of the hills in the background, but because of the rocks and slate. I even found a piece large enough to surf on, although not sure it would have stayed afloat, but it was fun trying it out.

2016-0926-06 Surfing.jpg

I thought after all that sitting I needed some exercise so I did some rock climbing. Not only did I find an orange rock to climb on, but I found a bright white stone which wasn’t chalk and which I carried up the rock. I thought Karen captured my shadow rather well in this picture and I look a bit like an orb (that thingy on top of a crown).

2016-0926-07 Rock climbing.jpg

Karen then found me another type of exercise – a Monkey suitable high jump (apparently). The only drawback was getting to it, so I managed to escape that one as it was a bit of a long way down.

2016-0926-08 High jump.jpg

After all that frolicking on the beach, I headed inland and came across this rather large telephone.  I certainly would have had to do the high jump to reach the handle.

2016-0926-09 Telephone.jpg

I wasn’t able to stay away from the sea for long, though, and was drawn back to the front. I came across a rather nice shelter between two gardens.

2016-0926-10 Shelter.jpg

And then just to my left was the sea again, which always makes me happy, despite it being made of water.

2016-0926-11 Douglas bay.jpg

So Monday turned out to be a rather busy day and I was ravenous by early evening. Found a nice steak place called Jaks which I particularly liked as they had a Monkey shaped space. (Actually, I found out later that it was for the sauce pot which just seemed wrong in my opinion.)

2016-0926-12 Jaks meal.jpg

Tuesday was quiet as Karen had to visit Adam & Eve, although that wasn’t planned. We were lucky enough to have dinner with Laura in the evening which was most fun and I felt very much a special guest of honour. That was until the barman knocked me over! Karen and Laura both gasped at that point and he gave us all a funny look.

2016-0927-02 Dinner with Laura.jpg

The next day, went a little bit further and headed inwards. Found the rather nice Tynwald National Park which was beautifully looked after.

2016-0927-01 Tynwald Park.jpg

The rest of the day was spent at Laxey which is famous for mining but I also came across a salmon lake which was rather unexpected, although I didn’t see any salmon.

2016-0928-01 Salmon Lake.jpg

It almost felt a bit alpine at times with the chalets and hillside streams. It was quite British in other ways, though, particularly with the rain but the sun did try to come out.

2016-0928-05 Village stream.jpg

2016-0928-02 Hillside stream.jpg

But this is what I really came for – the Laxey Wheel. It was quite difficult for Karen to get a picture of the wheel and me in it as well, but she just about managed it, although she has cut off the top which has the Manx flag on. I do hope no-one will be insulted.

2016-0928-03 Laxey Wheel.jpg

After all that effort, it was time for a treat so managed another afternoon tea, some of which went back to the hotel for an evening snack as too much to eat in one go, despite not having had a proper breakfast. What I liked best was the background as it was a Monkey sized wheel and viaduct, although it was roped off so I wasn’t able to get too close.

2016-0928-04 Afternoon tea.jpg

Just down the hill was the cotton mill which had some very interesting metalwork figures. Not sure sure what they’re to do with cotton, but I did have fun on the bench with the children and the dog.

2016-0928-06 Laxey bench.jpg

On the final day we went all over the island. The sun was shining a bit more but it was very windy. The first place we visited was Port Erin which Karen said was very beautiful, although I only got to see a bit of it from behind some rocks so I wouldn’t get blown over.

2016-0929-01 Port Erin.jpg

I was also lucky enough to see the steam railway there which I was pleased about.

2016-0929-02 Steam railway.jpg

Next to the railway line was the museum so we visited there too and I found a rather unusual weighing machine.

2016-0929-03 Weighing machine.jpg

We then headed south to Sound and I saw even less of that. It was super, super windy so I stayed safely in Karen’s bag. Here’s a picture she took of the Calf of Sound.

2016-0929-04 Sound.jpg

After that, we headed up towards Peel and I was allowed out there a bit more as it was sheltered, but only really around the bay. I came across this rather fabulous rainbow bench. Can you guess which my favourite colour was?

2016-0929-05 Rainbow bench.jpg

In the background is Peel castle and here’s better picture of it (if you think a picture is better without me in it).

2016-0929-06 Peel Castle.jpg

That all looks rather calm as it was in the harbour but just around the corner this was taken and within a few minutes of the one above. Just look at the change in the colour of the sky, let alone the waves crashing onto the rocks.

2016-0929-07 Peel bay.jpg

That brings us to the end of this adventure in the Isle of Man. I’d recommend it as a holiday destination as its so breathtaking and beautiful as well as being easy to get around. Nothing is too far away and you can get most places within 30 minutes if you have a car.

Now, where shall I go for the next holiday? Suggestions on a postcard please!


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