End of summer

Karen took me home from work on Thursday as she was working from home Friday and wouldn’t dare leave me behind for the weekend. I was allowed out on the train and had a seat all to myself, although it wasn’t until we had passed Canterbury West. Can you see how dark it is outside though (and that wasn’t because we left late)?

2016-0915 Train.jpg

On Friday, Karen had an appointment and the weather had got a bit windy so didn’t feel as warm as previous days which meant that the beach was lovely and empty. Look at that smooth sand which hasn’t been stood on. I was tempted to go and leave my mark but Karen had an appointment to get to so there wasn’t any time.

2016-0916-01 Empty beach.jpg

On the way back home, the wind had picked up and it was making the sea really choppy.

2016-0916-02 Waves.jpg

That was a sign of things to come as it started raining shortly after we got home and didn’t seem to stop all afternoon. It rained and rained and rained. It did eventually stop, of course, and there was a bit of a sunset through the clouds which looked quite dramatic.

2016-0916-03 Sunset.jpg

The wind didn’t stop though and it had clearly been a stormy night as there was loads of seaweed on the sea front on Saturday morning.

2016-0917-01 Seaweed.jpg

I was getting quite battered (not the fish and chip kind) about in the wind, so much so that Karen had to hold onto me when I wanted to look at the sea further on.

2016-0917-02 Waves.jpg     2016-0917-03 Waves and seagulls.jpg

I was almost tempted to put my jumper on but I was persuaded it wasn’t really that cold, it just seemed like it because of the strength of the wind. It was a perfect afternoon for having a snooze on the sofa in front of a film.

Sunday was a much nicer day and the sun came out again, although still quite breezy. The waves were also up again and I was allowed a little closer than Saturday.

2016-0918-01 Waves.jpg

The beach wasn’t that busy but a few people out and about, even a few sunbathing. I think that would have been ok with a windbreak but it was nice to have the fresh air on my face. Makes a nice change from air conditioned office air.

I was also allowed a bit of a play and found a few feathers, so I had a bit of a go at making a seaweed fort.

2016-0918-02 Seaweed fort.jpg

I then made the defences even stronger and went into a metal pipe. I thought it was a cannon but Karen thought it might have been something else so I wasn’t allowed in there for too long.

2016-0918-04 Pipe dreams.jpg

I spent a bit more time beach combing as the tide was going out and found this interesting rock with remains of two shells attached to it which reminded me of my ears.

2016-0918-03 Shell on stone.jpg

On the wander back, we stopped to watch a kite surfer and a seagull decided to join us too.

2016-0918-05 Kite surfer.jpg

It was all rather pleasant for a Sunday afternoon.

Now that I’ve starting thinking about getting ready work for work tomorrow, I was rather amused by this Dilbert cartoon as it seems to indicate that I should be in charge. I’ll raise it with the bosses but I’m sure they wouldn’t have a problem with it …

2016-0918-06 Dilbert.jpg


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