Not much to report from the working week except a lot of work, not even any trips out at lunchtime and no work from home days.

Thankfully, the weekend was rather lovely, although it didn’t seem that way on Saturday morning. I was quite tired after all that work though so was having a lie in so I didn’t miss too much.

I did eventually venture out in the afternoon because I wanted to see the sandcastles. On the way, the tide was coming in and it looked quite appealing for a paddle. Karen thought I got a bit close though and I had to be rescued.

2016-0910-01 Paddling.jpg

What I actually went out for was the RIBA sandcastle competition which is part of the heritage open days weekend. It was tough going over the soft sand but got there eventually and saw some great sculptures.

2016-0910-02 Sandcastle.jpg     2016-0910-03 Sandcastle.jpg

2016-0910-04 Sandcastle.jpg     2016-0910-05 Sandcastle.jpg

Some of the photos didn’t come out very well as other people kept getting in the way and they had some sort of security, so a bit awkward. I think Karen may have got a few strange looks too.

After all that effort, I needed a sit down, a snack and a cup of tea so headed to the Turner and sat outside. So lovely to sit outside at a cafe and be able to see the sea.

2016-0910-06 Tea at the Turner.jpg

As I’d had a nice rest, I felt able to walk up Fort Hill to go and see the art installations at one of the pavilions.

2016-0910-07 Kites.jpg

I decided not to attempt making a kite as thought I might get blown away (it was quite windy and nothing to do with there being no orange).

I did have a bit of fun on the cliff top and was hiding in some bushes before being drawn to the crystal clear water, but not enough to go down to the water as I had walked a rather long way and had yet to walk home too.

2016-0910-08 Hiding.jpg     2016-0910-09 Clifftop view.jpg

When I was walking home, I went past the place where the sandcastle competition was held and it was almost like nothing had ever happened, just a few lonely lumps in the sand.

2016-0910-10 Sandcastles destroyed.jpg

There was also a bit of interest this weekend as a super yacht was moored just outside Margate which is worth a ridiculous amount of money, is owned by a Russian and called A. It did seem like the sun just shone on the yacht at times but think it was only because of it being so white. Not sure if you can see it in this photo or not – I could have zoomed in but then you wouldn’t have been able to see me.

2016-0911-01 Super yacht.jpg

I had a bit more energy on Sunday so went for a nice long walk in the sunshine to Westgate. Fortunately, there’s a cafe at St Mildred’s Bay so was able to have a sit down for a bit before walking back.

2016-0911-02 Westgate.jpg

In the early evening the tide was coming in so I just had to get out to paddle. I started with some cliff bathing and felt like I was doing my Grease impression.

2016-0911-03 Rock bathing.jpg

What a fabulous paddle it was with a stunning view.

2016-0911-04 Paddling.jpg

That was until I saw this – a jellyfish (one of three)! So I decided to run into the sandcastle someone had helpfully left behind (did you see what I did there, bought it back to the title).

2016-0911-05 Jellyfish.jpg     2016-0911-06 Sandcastle.jpg

I was lucky enough to see the sunset, although not all of it as it was quite late and I had to get some rest.

2016-0911-07 Sunset.jpg

Do I really have to go to work tomorrow???


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