Beach Birthday

Before being able to enjoy the weekend, I was working from home on Friday which can often be a long day. To keep up my energy, I had to make sure I drank enough fluids as well as walking occasionally. The latter wasn’t quite so successful due to my short legs but, thanks to Karen, I did pretty well on the fluids front.

2016-0902 Refreshments.JPG

Saturday bought a nice surprise as I went to the Sands Hotel and not just to visit. I got to stay there overnight as a treat and, even better, they had a special Monkey sized pillow for me. I also rather liked the decorative lamp.

2016-0903-01 Shell pillow.JPG     2016-0903-02 Lampshade.JPG

One of the reasons for staying there was so that I could have nosy around and I particularly wanted to see the roof terrace. Well that was worth the trip, what a stunning view, even in the rain.


2016-0903-03 Sands Terrace.JPG

To make sure that I was able to have a decent dinner, I made sure I had a walk beforehand and went up the hill to Fort Terrace. I got a bit defensive at that point as lots of ships were out to sea so I was a bit worried they were trying to invade and just had to protect everyone  with the cannon.

2016-0903-04 Fort Cannon.JPG

Dinner was at Mullins Brasserie which had an unexpected Caribbean theme but, gosh, it was delicious and what a lovely venue and great atmosphere. I had Mhai Mhai fish for the first time followed by one of the best ever cheesecakes, along with a little bit of prosecco.

2016-0903-05 Mhai Mhai.JPG     2016-0903-06 Cheesecake.JPG

After a restful night at the Sands, once the noise had died down, I was treated to a full English breakfast, vegetarian of course, with a  wonderful view.

2016-0904-01 Breakfast.JPG

As the sun had come out, it seemed only right that I returned to the terrace. It looked stunning in the sunshine even though it was so windy that Karen had to hold onto me.

2016-0904-02 Sands Terrace.JPG

After I got home, I decided to go for a paddle on the beach which made me

2016-0904-03 Happy.JPG

So, I should probably tell you why all these nice things are happening – that’s because its Karen’s birthday today (Sunday) so she’s had some nice treats to mark the occasion.

Thanks to all those wonderful people who made her day special.

2016-0904-04 Flowers.JPG     2016-0904-05 Afternoon tea.JPG

2016-0904-06 Presents.JPG


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