Half a holiday

I sort of had half a holiday this week due to the heatwave. It was so warm that Karen decided it was better for me to stay in Margate where I could keep cool. She lent me her hat but it was a touch big.

2016-0823-01 Holiday hat.jpg

Luckily for Karen, she was able to cool off when she got home from work and had a rather lovely paddle, even more appreciated because Stratford station was rammed with West Ham fans which was no fun trying to get through that many people.

2016-0823-02 Home after work.jpg

Unfortunately, the holiday didn’t last the week (hence why it was half a holiday) and Karen made me go back to work on Friday so she had someone to talk to. I found a different spot to sit on but she insisted I do some typing as well. That was a bit difficult though due to my short arms.

2016-0825 Back at work.jpg

Thankfully it was only for one day and Saturday I got to enjoy the beach again. I did have to share it with some seagulls but they weren’t too close.

2016-0826-01 Seagulls.jpg

We then had a trip to Canterbury which is the first time I’ve been there apart from going through on the train. Its a rather nice town with lots of lovely historic buildings but also lots of cobblestones.

2016-0827-01 Canterbury.JPG    2016-0827-03 Canterbury.JPG     2016-0827-04 Canterbury.JPG

2016-0827-02 Canterbury.JPG     2016-0827-05 Canterbury.JPG

Sunday was sleep day and pottering at home as well as a stunning Sunday lunch at The Hoy. No pictures of that, though, after my behaviour last time, but I have got some pictures of the walk back. It was low tide and the closest I have got to the harbour arm without being on it.  The weather wasn’t quite as nice but it was good that it was a bit cooler again. I needed a bit of a rest on the way home and found a nice rock pool which looked like a collection of islands.

2016-0828-01 Low tide.JPG     2016-0828-02 Low tide.JPG

2016-0828-03 Low tide.JPG     2016-0828-04 Rock pool.JPG

I then got another bit of a holiday as it was bank holiday on the Monday and, quite unlike British weather, the sun was shining.  We went to the Turner Contemporary to look at the exhibition Seeing Round Corners which was good – a real eclectic mix of artists and materials with some quite famous names. Some work was extraordinarily talented but other pieces I think I could have done myself. Photos weren’t allowed in the gallery but there was a big polo mint outside.

2016-0829-02 Seeing round corners.JPG

When we got home, I helped Karen wrap up a certain someone’s birthday present, although not sure how much help I was apart from hanging onto the sellotape. I nearly got wrapped up in the paper which certainly would have surprised the recipient!

2016-0829-03 Wrapping.JPG

Talking of surprises, Karen also had a couple in store for me as well as she thought I needed a new hobby. The Isle of Man post office has issued some stamps which she thought I’d like – one is the Aardman 40th anniversary and the other is the Year of the Monkey. Best I get an album now so that I can keep them safe.

2016-0829-04 Aardman stamps.JPG     2016-0829-05 Year of the Monkey stamps.JPG

So, after that half a holiday, Karen told me that I had a full holiday coming up when we’re going to the Isle of Man. This means that I’ll be able to visit the same places as Morph. I think that’s where Karen gets inspiration from for me as we’re quite similar colour, although Morph is far more flexible than me and a bit older. The holiday is a few weeks away yet but getting ever closer.


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