Well its been a rather busy week, partly because Karen kept taking me to and from the office (hence the yo-yo title), so that was rather tiring. Its just as well she has a nice, comfortable space for me in her bag, otherwise it would have been even more tiring.

It all started on Tuesday evening and, rather than leave me in the office as normal, Karen decided that I had to go home with her. At Stratford International station there were some replicas of landmarks of London and they were the perfect size for me. Can you guess which ones they are?

2016-0809-01 Tower of London.jpg     2016-0809-02 Velodrome.jpg

2016-0809-03 Big Ben.jpg     2016-0809-04 Olympic Park.jpg

So, after having to work at home on Wednesday rather than looking out of the window like I wanted, I then had get up early for the second time this week to go back into the office. The benefit though was a beautiful sunrise, even if it was a bit breezy.

2016-0812-01 Sunrise.jpg

It was then back home again on Thursday night and I thought that was it for early starts until the weekend but Karen decided she wanted to be in the office on Friday. At the station they were getting ready for Margate Pride, which was on Saturday, although I think the flags had been a bit over loved.

2016-0812-02 Margate Pride.jpg

I did manage to fit in a breakfast with Paul and it was rather great to catch up with all the news.

2016-0812-03 Breakfast with Paul.jpg

Then, at long last, it was Friday evening and time to go home. I thought it would be an early finish but there’s always something that Karen just wants to finish off. This time around, I saw sunset when I got home (view from the lounge).

2016-0812-04 Sunset.jpg

Summer had arrived on Saturday which made me rather excitable and, as I started misbehaving, I got a ride in a police car (don’t worry, it was only a shopping trolley for the kids, not a real one).

2016-0813-01 Police car.jpg

When I got home, I just had to go to the beach – look how lovely it was. I think that’s a contender for photo of the week.

2016-0813-02 Westbrook.jpg

After all that excitement, I had to have a lay down. Fortunately, Karen made me a little sun lounger so I didn’t get sand everywhere, although that may have been more for her benefit than mine.

2016-0813-03 Sand bathing.jpg

Once I’d had a proper rest, I did some exploring and found some fantastic and creative sandcastles that people had left for me.

2016-0813-04 Sandcastle.jpg     2016-0813-05 Sandcastle.jpg

Sunday bought more adventures by the sea and I did my pirate impression. No other photos from Sunday, though, as it was just a bit too hot to be out too much.

2016-0814-01 Pirate ship.jpg

I should go for an evening walk on the beach but just too tired, so I’ll have to save that for another day. Hopefully I’ll be less like a yo-yo this week.


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