New office

If you remember my last blog, it was all about moving on at work to a different team.

For the first week, I had a temporary desk which actually worked better than I thought it would. At the team meeting, each new joiner was asked to give an interesting fact about themselves so Karen told them about me and my blog. It was only then that I felt safe coming out of Karen’s handbag, although I’m still working on the team getting to know me better.

2016-0615 Temporary desk.jpg

On the Thursday, Karen took me back to Margate and on Friday I was home alone. Apparently it was because she was moving desks again and didn’t want me to feel even more confused. Here’s me looking longingly out of the window as she left me behind. What she doesn’t know is what I got up to when she wasn’t there …

2016-0617 Home alone.jpg

The weekend was a real mixed bag of weather and Saturday you wouldn’t have known it was June. To make up for it being so unseasonable, I enjoyed a nice cooked breakfast at the Cup Cake Cafe.

2016-0618-01 Not quite June.jpg     2016-0618-02 Breakfast.jpg

Fortunately on Sunday it was summer again and I got to enjoy some time on the beach.

2016-0619 Summer.jpg

I really wish it would make up its mind. Even whilst writing this blog, its pouring with rain and thunder and lightening. Really glad that I write this inside!

On Monday, it was time to see my new office and here it is.

2016-0620-01 New office.jpg

Thankfully some of this is only temporary equipment which is just as well because I know Karen doesn’t like the fact that the screens don’t match. And in case you’re wondering about the bus, the previous occupant had a cutlery draw which one of the directors insisted was kept, but it was so, so messy that Karen just had to tidy it up (which went down rather well).

Being on the 28th floor, there’s an incredible view which I can see whilst Karen is looking at the computer. This one reminds me of being in New York due to the tower blocks.

2016-0620-02 View.jpg

I much prefer this one which is rather more British and you can even see the river and the University of Greenwich (just ignore the Crossrail building works).

2016-0620-03 View.jpg

The weekend came around again pretty quickly and still a mixed bag of weather. Saturday wasn’t too nice and Karen was quite tired, so I pottered whilst she slept for some of the day.

On Sunday, we went along to Walpole Bay where the other tidal pool is. I would have gone in but, as you know, water doesn’t always agree with me.

2016-0626-01 Walpole Bay.jpg

Then I had a Sunday sing along with a rendition of I saw three ships a sailing. It was clearly a pre-emptive rendition for the bandstand later in the afternoon. Can you see the ships?

2016-0626-02 Three ships.jpg

Whilst there, I visited the Farmers Market which is held once a month. There was a bit of everything produce wise and so Karen was able to treat her visitors in the afternoon to some nice fresh bread and cheese. They didn’t quite manage to get to the strawberries so I shall enjoy them for breakfast on the way to work tomorrow.

After lunch, we went for a wander along Westbrook Bay. The sea was a whole range of greens and blues which were very pretty. I don’t think it shows very well in this picture though. Lesley was a bit worried that I might fall in but I pointed out the no diving sign and the fact that I was hanging on, so I was quite safe really.

2016-0626-03 Westbrook.jpg

For this week’s photo of the week there were too many to choose from so I’ve selected my favourite two.

IMG_2183.jpg     IMG_2211.jpg

The second one was taken on the way home on Thursday night when we had that tremendous storm. It looked like the sky was on fire walking from the station so quite dramatic and very wet (for Karen but not for me).


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