Quex Park and Golf

Yay, I’m back online and able to tell you all about my adventures again. It was quite bizarre as the photos just appeared again, so maybe it was just a blip – let’s hope so.

This week was full of treats as there were lots of cakes around in the office. Karen’s team were raising money for charity and had a cake sale. Between them they raised nearly £1,000, so they’re obviously very keen on cake. I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t allow to do any judging. Maybe it was because they thought I’d automatically choose the carrot cake due to it being orange.

2016-0714-01 Cake.jpg     2016-0714-02 Cake.jpg

Another treat was in the form of leaving the office on Wednesday, so I got to have a little play with Wilbur and thought I was getting a long weekend. Karen wasn’t too impressed as I was meant to be working but, thankfully, she managed it all on her own. Even though I hadn’t behaved, she still let me have a giant chocolate button for pudding.

2016-0715-01 Wilbur.jpg     2016-0715-02 Choc button.jpg

And there was yet another treat – some fish and chips on Friday which were rather delicious too.

2016-0715-03 Chips.jpg

After all that food, it was only right that I went out and got some exercise. I went to Quex Park, which is a large estate at Birchington, and has a very lovely garden with lots of places for me to play on.

2016-0716-01 Quex Park.jpg     2016-0716-02 Quex Park.jpg

One of my favourites was the monkey puzzle tree and I even found my own little house.

2016-0716-03 Quex Park.jpg     2016-0716-04 Quex Park.jpg

To make sure I protected my new territory, I made sure the cannon was set up properly to fire at any intruders.

2016-0716-06 Quex Park.jpg

As I now rule the kingdom, I made sure everything was made in my image, such as this cactus which had ears rather like mine. After that, I visited the post office to make sure my orders reached the masses via mail.

2016-0716-05 Quex Park.jpg     2016-0716-07 Quex Park.jpg

Even though that trip was rather delightful, there was nothing like being back on the beach later in the evening for a paddle. I also found someone missed me as they left me a heart sandcastle.

2016-0716-08 Heart sandcastle.jpg

Sunday bought some more fun and games in the form of adventure golf and it was an adventure too. I did have a little trouble with the ball but that’s probably because I was facing the wrong way and then the club was a little large for me.

2016-0717-01 Minigolf.jpg     2016-0717-05 Minigolf.jpg

The sun came out whilst we were playing but fortunately I found some freshness in the fountain and used the shading provided by the flowers.

2016-0717-02 Minigolf.jpg     2016-0717-03 Minigolf.jpg

It was thirsty work though so I had a nice, cool lemonade whilst totting up the scores. Who do you think won?

2016-0717-04 Minigolf.jpg

So, onto photo of the week and, as usual, I have been spoilt for choice so there’s going to be more than one. I think its only fair that we have one daytime and one sunset.


2016-0710 Westbrook.jpg

2016-0711 Sunset.jpg


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