Team Quiz and Year of the Monkey

Last week got a bit confusing as I was taken out on Thursday and went to a team quiz. It was a fund raising effort for Cystic Fibrosis Trust organised by the IB SRC citizenship team. Adam’s team was called Morris’s Minions.

The evening started quite sensibly and I was trying to choose between a cranberry juice and tonic water. Don’t worry, this picture was taken before the questions started, so that’s not Adam cheating and looking the answers up on his phone. That’s Lucy sitting next to him and she’s getting the answer sheet ready so we were raring to go.

2016-0204 -01 Sensible drinks.jpg

But then Stephen led me astray and gave me some beer (tut, tut and on a school night too).

2016-0204-02 Beer.jpg

That made the choosing of which Minion I was rather fuzzy but I decided on Bob leaping for joy in the end. After that beer, I thought it best if I had some sustenance so I had burger and chips. I needed a lie down after all that food.

2016-0204-03 Choosing Minion.jpg     2016-0204-04 Burger.jpg

On Friday, Karen made me go back into work but I wasn’t happy about that – it really wasn’t on after a late night out (well, late for me). I tried to protest but she did rather  insist and said she needed supervising.

The weekend was a fairly quiet one and it was a lovely sunny day in Margate on Sunday – look at this view of my local beach.

2016-0207-01 Sunny day.jpg

There were some really cute sausage dogs running around with purple coats on, having races with each other and chasing after a ball. They were rather amusing and I think Karen wanted to take a couple home with her.

2016-0207-02 Sausage dogs.jpg

After all that walking, I had to have a sit down so found a nice sand mountain to rest on. It also kept me a bit protected from the wind and I had to make sure I was securely in so I didn’t blow away.

2016-0207-03 Sand mound.jpg

Monday was confusing again as Karen was working from home but I’m normally with Maria on the sunflower tin on those days (I might have to sneak a visit to Maria later in the week but don’t tell Karen). It was a bit breezy when we went for our morning walk, thanks to the start of Storm Imogen, so Karen had to hold on to me. Can you see the sand blowing?

2016-0208-01 Morning breeze.jpg

It got a bit worse later on, but not as bad as I thought it would (although it does sound like its still blowing quite strongly outside).

Anyway, to top a confusing week off, Karen made me write my blog on a Monday and not a Sunday.

Apparently that’s so we could celebrate the Chinese New Year which is the year of the monkey. That means that we have to celebrate me and do monkey things even more. The description of people born in the year of the monkey is that they are lively, quick-witted, curious, innovative and mischievous. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether that’s true of me or not.

2016 Happy Chinese New Year.jpg



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