January weekend

Karen rather confused me on Saturday as she made me get on the train and it was daylight. The reason was to go shopping in Ashford which is about 50 minutes on the train from Margate.

2016-0130-01 Train in daylight.jpg

It was all rather different from a working day and the train carriage seemed rather noisy in comparison.

Ashford was quite nice as there were places for me to play. Lots of flowers around which is good as its a sign of spring.

2016-0130-02 Ashford flowers.jpg     2016-0130-04 Ashford spring.jpg

There was even a fountain, although I didn’t get too close as didn’t want to get wet.

2016-0130-03 Ashford fountain.jpg

We weren’t there too long and, back in Margate, it was really rather windy. The kite surfers were out on the water. Not sure if you can see them in this picture.

2016-0130-06 Margate kite surfers.jpg

The sun did come out later but I was indoors busy watching Karen snooze on the sofa.

Sunday was a treat as Lesley and Ali visited for lunch, which was rather lovely and we headed to Buoy & Oyster. I had to help Karen with her dessert which was chocolate brownie with salted caramel ice cream – I nicked the flake as there was rather a lot of chocolate so she needed all the help she could get.

2016-0131 Sunday pudding.jpg

One of the waitresses made a play for me and tried to steal me, but Karen protected me – heaven forbid if she let me go after what she went through to get custody.

After lunch we had a nice walk along the front and Karen showed her visitors the flat that she’s buying. The current owners were in so we couldn’t be too obvious that we were looking but it was nice to see where I’ll be this summer and beyond.

All in all a good weekend and now back to work tomorrow. I would sigh (boo hiss) but I get to see people I like (hooray).




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