Cape Verde

I’m now back from my break in Cape Verde which was hot, hot, hot. I did like it though as orange was everywhere and, as you know, that is my favourite colour. Can you spot me in this picture?

2016-0114-02 Orange plant pots.jpg

I took charge when I arrived but did have some difficulty choosing which castle to stay in.

2016-0114-01 Choosing castle.jpg

I also managed to go back to my roots and climb a tree, which was most fun.

2016-0114-04 Coconut tree.jpg

Unexpectedly, I also found another colourful fire hydrant. You may remember that I saw quite a lot in Boston in October, although no palm trees there.

2016-0114-03 Fire hydrant.jpg

After all that activity, I needed some rest so went poolside with Karen. She made sure I had somewhere to lie in the shade so I didn’t fade and was drinking enough water.

2016-0114-05 Poolside relaxation.jpg

And that was me for the week, just relaxing my the pool and not doing much.

I was happy to be back in Margate, though, even if it was rather chilly. But it was a nice sunny day yesterday.

2016-0123-01 Home to Margate.jpg

And to finish off the orange theme, Karen let me help her cook one of her lunches which was a butternut squash, pepper, halloumi¬†and pine nut risotto. I’ll enjoy helping her with that at lunchtime this week.

2016-0123-02 Cooking.jpg


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