All wrapped up

This is the first Christmas I can remember properly as I was too young before that. There was lots of stuff going on so let me tell you all about it.

It started the weekend before Christmas and I had a sit by the fire in the pub followed by helping choose what TV to watch.

2015-1218-01 By the fire.jpg     2015-1218-02 Picking TV.jpg

I then tried helping Karen open some presents but got a bit wrapped up!

2015-1218-03 All wrapped up.jpg

I then had to go back to work for a few days and that was full of festive fun. Lots and lots and lots of food around. The first was some donuts and cakes that Vicki and Maria brought into the office.

2015-1223-01 Donuts.jpg     2015-1223-02 Cup cakes.jpg

I couldn’t decide which one to have so had both – yum, yum. It got a bit messy though as the donut was as big as me. I even got sugar on my ear so had to be taken for a wash.

2015-1223-03 Both cakes.jpg     2015-1223-04 Donut.jpg

After all that sugar, I was on a bit of a high and ready to party (that Maria does tend to rather lead me astray).

2015-1223-05 Celebrating.jpg

Then there was yet more food in the form of a ladies lunch and so much to choose from. I had a selection guinness, cider and gin to drink but only had a sip of each as it was a work day.

2015-1221-01 Guinness.jpg   2015-1221-02 Cider.jpg   2015-1221-03 Gin.jpg

After all that alcohol, I needed some sustenance and looked at the Christmas buffet menu but decided on the mini burger slider. They were just the right size for me but a few too many, fortunately I had Vicki to help me.

2015-1221-04 Buffet menu.jpg     2015-1221-05 Mini burgers.jpg

For the Christmas weekend, I was invited to Maria’s and John’s which was very lovely. I saw the angel lights and said hello to the Christmas snowman.

2015-1225-03 Angel lights.jpg     2015-1225-01 Snowman.jpg

I even got to help with the presents.

2015-1225-02 Presents.jpg

After all that food and TV watching, I needed some exercise so, when I got back to Margate, I took the dog for a walk (or did he take me?!).

2015-1227-01 Walking the dog.jpg

That’s it for the Christmas story, Monkey style, and back to work tomorrow but only for a few days before the long new year weekend.


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