Eating my way through the week

Thankfully, I was allowed out for the team meal, although I wasn’t quick enough for the starters and missed out on the calamari but I did very much enjoy the main, particularly the macaroni and cheese with lobster.

2015-1207-01 Starters.jpg     2015-1207-02 Mac and cheese.jpg

I wanted a dessert as I missed out on the starters but, for some reason, the others were full – can’t imagine why.

2015-1207-03 Cocktails.jpg

We went for the meal on Monday and I got to go to Margate afterwards so, when Karen left work on Tuesday, I jumped in her bag. It meant that Maria missed me on Wednesday as I normally visit her on those days, but Karen enjoyed me being in Margate with her for the day even if it was for work.

The weekend came and we went to Dreamland on Saturday. The deckchair was nice even if it could do with a clean although Karen’s mum had to hold the seating down as it was a bit windy. The best bit was the scenic railway but I didn’t reach the height line so had to make do with standing by a Christmas tree on the railings.

2015-1212-01 Dreamland deckchair.jpg     2015-1212-02 Dreamland.jpg

After all that fresh air, we had to warm up so had a yummy caramel fudge hot chocolate. I tried to play in the festive cup but got told off for being silly so held hands with the penguin instead.

2015-1212-03 Costa.jpg     2015-1212-04 Costa.jpg

The next day we went for Sunday lunch – it was only polite really as it was Sunday and we had a visitor. I started with a champagne cocktail whilst admiring the fish artwork on the wall.

2015-1213-01 Fishes.jpg

That was followed by a rather scrumptious piece of lamb shoulder and roast beef – it was really hard to decide which one to have.

2015-1213-02 Sunday lunch.jpg

I thought I ought to do some exercises after all that food but I was told that standing on a shell doesn’t count. I don’t quite know why, it was a lot of effort for me to get to that height and then I stayed there for a while looking at the view.

2015-1213-03 Shell ornament.jpg

I’d better make sure I fit in some more exercise before Christmas otherwise I won’t be able to enjoy all that festive food.


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