Two for the price of one

There was so much advertising around about the Black Friday sales that I thought I’d join in and am giving you two blogs for the price of one.

Thanksgiving was uneventful (well, it would be, as I live in the UK). Karen and her team went out for drinks and they didn’t let me come along as, apparently, I’m too young so I had a bit of a sulk.

2015-1127-01 Sulking

But then on Saturday, I was completely led astray …

Julie and Lesley came over and it started rather civilised with a cup of tea and biscuits, then we went out to see the Christmas lights being switched on. This was the prettiest tree in the square in old town and had some lovely ladies walking past.

2015-1128-02 Christmas tree

We did also see the lights switched on at the Turner Contemporary although that wasn’t as pretty but Father Christmas was there. Fortunately, there was a pretty window display near Karen’s flat and that was rather lovely.

2015-1127-02 Window decs

So let’s go back to being led astray. Karen went out for a meal with her visitors and it started with a rather tasty cocktail called Purple Reign. As it was Saturday, I was allowed a sip or two and, conveniently, there was a little ledge so I could reach.

2015-1128-03 Purple Reign cocktails

The rest of the evening has been censored but I can tell you that it did involve more alcohol and the Dreamland disco.

On Sunday we ventured out for fresh air but it was rather windy, so windy in fact that Karen had to hold onto me.

2015-1129-01 Windy seas

The week at work sped by and I also visited Maria on Wednesday, so I had to be on my best behaviour. I then escaped to Margate for the weekend and got into the festive spirit.

Karen had a rather delicious waffle and hot chocolate and, as there were Christmas songs in the cafe, it felt rather festive. We then wandered back past some more Christmas lights as well as doing some Christmas shopping (but no pictures of the presents as otherwise that will spoil the surprise).

2015-1205-01 Waffle     2015-1205-02 Street decs

When we got home, I tried to help Karen with the decorations but got rather tangled in some tinsel!

2015-1205-03 Tinsel

So I was set next to the tree so I was safe. Fortunately it was on the radiator so I was nice and warm and no jumper required.

2015-1205-04 Tree at home

Its the team’s Christmas meal on Monday and I do hope that they let me join them, otherwise I might sulk again. I may be allowed to go if I help them with the Christmas decorations so I’ll let you know next time.


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