It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Have you got that tune in your head now? Hee hee hee.

I wasn’t kidding, though, there is loads of stuff around which is all sparkly and bright. First there were these lights I saw at Canary Wharf.

2015-1121-01 Canary Wharf tree     2015-1121-02 Canary Wharf

2015-1121-03 Canary Wharf life bouy

Then we were at Westfield Stratford and saw these giant balls of lights.

2015-1121-04 Westfield

It was all rather exhausting after a week at work and I needed some refreshment, so had this rather tasty calamari and sweet potato fries (when Karen let me get a nibble in).

2015-1121-05 Westfield meal

We then spent the day at the Stratford flat on Saturday as Karen is getting ready to sell it. I tried to get into the photos but Karen wasn’t having any of it and said someone might want to buy me. That felt a bit threatening so I quickly relented and was allowed a spot on the sofa when she’d done the official ones.

2015-1122 Burford Wharf

We then headed back to Margate (the scenic route with train delays, of course) and it was freezing, seriously freezing and windy. It was so cold that Karen made me put a jumper on – just one problem with it, it wasn’t quite the right size. I did rather like the colour and that it had a heart on it though.

2015-1122-01 Jumper

We did head out on Sunday but I wasn’t allowed out as it was way too windy, so Karen took a couple of photos so I didn’t miss out. The first one was a rather space age beach.

2015-1122-02 Space beach

And then there was this sunken garden.

2015-1122-03 Sunken garden

I had to put my jumper back on when I got home as there was no heating or hot water. Bit of a shame really and typical that it had to happen on the coldest day of the year and when I was spending the day there. Oh well, I’m sure it will be fixed soon (I do hope so or I’ll be staying in the office) and at least the jumper covers me up.



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