Midweek Surprise

I thought I’d surprise you with an additional post as I had a rather fun filled week, which also surprised me. I thought I was on the holiday wind down but Karen had other ideas.

On Tuesday, I had a late lunch and escaped into the sunshine to see if my musical talents were any good.

2015-0929-02 Bird piano     2015-0929-02 Flower piano

I got a bit lost though in the greenery of the second piano. Instead of Where’s Wally, you can play Missing Monkey.

On Wednesday, I was left in Maria’s capable hands so I had my happy face on. Karen made the most of the sunshine and had a walk before work which she really enjoyed and she even managed to make a new friend (whose spins were rather amusing).

2015-0930-01 Morning walk     2015-0930-02 New friend

She then needed a bit more energy in the afternoon so had a paddle. All rather wonderful for her while I laboured away supervising in the office, although she did work the rest of the time.

2015-0930-03 Afternoon paddle

Another escape took place on Thursday and it started with dinner at Wagamammas – I tried to join in, as a homage to Kirssi, but my arms were a bit short.

2015-1001-01 Wagamamma

We then went to see Michael McIntyre at the O2 and his support act Paul Tonkinson. I was rather pleased not to be up in the gods and there were soooooo many people!

2015-1001-03 Happy and Glorious     2015-1001-02 O2 gods

After all those tiring events, I needed a pick me up at the weekend, so we went for brunch at the The Cupcake Cafe. Karen had some rather scrumptious chunky cheese on toast but she wouldn’t share with me :-(.

2015-1003-01 Brunch

So, that really is it before I go to the U S of A, will be on the train in a couple of hours. I’m all prepared with my currency.

2015-0929-03 US dollars

Watch out for mini blogs … although no promises.


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