Mid week escape

There were some queries last week about how I managed to see the Statue of Liberty. Well, I may see it for real soon but, in the interim, I get to visit on a weekly basis on a Wednesday. This is the day Karen works from home and (unlike some) she makes sure I’m looked after if she’s not around, so I go and visit Maria on the sunflower tin with a view of Statue of Liberty and New York. Maria’s got this really good calendar which has positive sayings on it and some days its like its been written for us.

2015-0916 Statue of Liberty

This week, however, I’m in Margate – its really rather confusing. Apparently its because I didn’t do my blog at the weekend, but I think that’s because Karen fell asleep on the sofa in the sunshine so I had no-one to help me with turning the computer on or with the typing – after all, I don’t even have any fingers to type with!

Saturday was a busy day and I really struggled with the maths when trying to work out the curtain sizes for the windows. Fortunately, Adam, Louisa and Frodo came for a visit so that gave us a break. After a visit to a couple of places, we did manage to find some big enough and the lounge ones are particularly lovely, just need to get them hung now.

2015-0919-01 Curtains

On Saturday there was a sandcastle competition in Margate. Because of all the curtain shopping, we went a bit late and didn’t see the sculptures so I was slightly disappointed. Luckily enough, Karen and her mum made me my own sandcastle – it was a bit of  a climb

2015-0919-02 Sand climb

But I got to the top in time to have a picnic

2015-0919-04 Picnic table

Then I surveyed my kingdom

2015-0919-05 Surveying the view

Sunday was a bit more of a relaxed affair (for some) and we went for lunch at the Sands Hotel which was delicious. I wanted a cocktail but was told I was underage.

2015-0920-01 Cocktails     2015-0920-02 Sunday lunch

We then walked round the harbour arm and it was a lovely sunny day. I was rather tempted to swim home but Karen’s mum said that I might sink if I did that so soon after lunch, so I tried to get a boat instead.

2015-0920-03 Swim home     2015-0920-04 Boat trip

I wasn’t terribly successful though as couldn’t get down the ladder on the sea wall, so I had a chat with the shell lady instead whilst Karen took an arty photo of the sun through a lighthouse.

2015-0920-05 Shell lady     2015-0920-06 Lighthouse


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