A mixed bag

The weekend started with a trip to the Everyman Cinema in Canary Wharf to see Ted 2 with Maria. We got free tickets because Monique kindly gave Karen one of her raffle prizes from a work boat trip which was raising money for the Dreams Come True charity. Its a lovely cinema and I particularly liked it because I had my own stand and could watch the film, as well as helping Karen with her pimms. Paddington was also there so we said hello.

2015-0710-01 Paddington

Ted 2 was quite funny although a bit rude, so I learnt some new words, but will have to be careful not to use them when I’m at work otherwise I’ll get told off.

Recently Maria came back from Seattle and Canada and bought me a new friend – Grizzly. He started off in the office but Karen soon stole him to have at home, so he waves her goodbye each day and hello when she gets home.

2015-0705-02 Grizzly     2015-0710-02 Grizzly at home

Saturday was a quiet-ish day and quite a bit of sleep, but then headed to Westfield Stratford to do some shopping. When I got to Stratford International, they’d put a special garden there for me which was just my colour. Can you spot me?

2015-0711-01 Orange pot plants

Hayley and Ewan arrive Saturday night and Karen cooked a super supper for them – lots of food. Luckily, I had my own desert and a Monkey sized ice cream which was scrummy.

2015-0711-02 Desert

On Sunday, Hayley did the British 10k run and I got to play with her medal when she got home. I’m really glad I didn’t have to run all that way with my little legs.

2015-0712-01 Hayley's 10k medal

We then headed out for lunch and the others had a rather nice feast. Karen had Eton Mess for desert, which she had been craving all week (it is Wimbledon after all), but she wouldn’t let me have any as I’d had quite enough last night.

Fortunately Hayley got some rest in the hammock in her garden when she got home, which was well deserved after that run. I look forward to testing it out when I visit in August.


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