This weekend I headed out of town again because Karen was going to see her mum in Cromer, North Norfolk. I have been there before but it was rather cold, so nice to be going in better weather.

I started by making myself at home and selecting my beach hut. I was lucky to get one as a lot were ruined in last winter’s storms and some haven’t been rebuilt yet.

2015-0704-01 Cromer Beach Hut

I thought I should be active and go outside as it was such a nice day so tried to have a round of golf. The golfer did want me to be their caddy but I wasn’t keen on that idea, far too much hard work for such a hot day.

2015-0704-02 Cromer Golfer

I then headed to my own private beach and also saw some lovely orange fish. Orange is my favourite colour but I can’t imagine why.

2015-0704-03 Cromer Terrarium     2015-0704-04 Cromer Fish

Karen needed some fresh air so we headed to the beach proper as it was a super sunny day. The first thing we did was have a paddle and I then had a swim as was still too hot.

2015-0704-05 Cromer padding with Karen     2015-0704-08 Cromer Swimming

Mum thought I’d had quite enough fun by then and didn’t want me getting over excited, so she intervened.

2015-0704-07 Cromer with Mum

However, I couldn’t help but run off and play again as I saw an old shipwreck that looked worth investigating. And, as I was at the beach, I couldn’t help but build a sandcastle – I’m getting quite good at those now.

2015-0704-09 Cromer Shipwreck     2015-0704-10 Cromer Sandcastle

The beach at Cromer looked really lovely in the sunshine and we had a brilliant view of the pier and church when we walked back. The church is where Steph and James got married on 5 July 2013 so happy anniversary to them. 🙂

2015-0704-06 Cromer

All that playing, paddling and walking was rather exhausting, so we stopped for tea and cake in Rocket Cafe which overlooks the sea. No ice cream though.

In the evening, Karen and Mum left me at home resting and went to the end of pier show. Apparently it was an experience. What a lovely sunset, though, from Cromer pier.

2015-0704-11 Cromer Sunset


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