Mundane and Minions

This weekend wasn’t terribly exciting and a bit mundane but there were a few good bits.

On Saturday we went to the supermarket. I got a little go on the conveyor belt by the till to get some exercise but Karen didn’t think I was very safe – I think she was more worried about me eating her cashew nuts.

On Sunday, we went to the hairdressers (although I don’t really have any hair to cut). I did suggest that I dry Karen’s hair but the hair dryer was a bit big for me.

2015-0628-01 Hairdressers

After that we went to the cinema to see the Minions which was much more fun. I got to have a ride on their motorcycle and then nicked some of Karen’s M&Ms.

2015-0628-02 Minions     2015-0628-03 M&Ms for lunch

On the way home I got to go on the Ride with Pride DLR which I was more than happy to support.

2015-0628-04 Ride with Pride

As the sun had come out, thought I needed some fresh air after all that inside time, so went to the Olympic Park. I had a bit of a short sunbathing session too and pondered the leaves, although not for too long in the sun as otherwise I’ll fade.

2015-0628-05 Olympic Park     2015-0628-06 Sunbathing     2015-0628-07 Sunbathing view

And then I finished off by doing some gardening in the biodiversity garden.

2015-0628-08 Gardening

On the way home, I saw some people abseiling from the Orbit which was impressive. It reminded me of when I was at the O2 the other Friday and wanted to do the Up at the O2, which Vicki had told me all about, but unfortunately they didn’t have a jumpsuit or harness to fit me, so I had to do my own climb.

2015-0628-09 Orbit abseiling     2015-0619-01 O2     2015-0619-02 O2


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