Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

As it was such a lovely day yesterday, we had to go to the seaside and, of course, Margate was first choice – not only because it has lovely beaches and easy to get to, but it may be Karen’s new home.

I woke early and was rather excited so was playing on the windowsill in the sunshine. Karen got a bit worried, though, when I got too near the window as we were 13 flights up. Don’t worry, all was safe and I left in Karen’s bag when she was (eventually) ready.

2015-0718-02 Stratford     2015-0718-03 Stratford

We had a nice long walk on the prom and the beach with two paddles, although no paddling for me as I’m too delicate. Spent quite a bit of time at Westbrook Bay as that’s near the Royal Seabathing Hospital, which is our favoured location.

2015-0718-04 Royal Seabathing     2015-0718-05 Westbrook Bay

They’re also building the Beach Houses there – two bedroomed, glass fronted, buildings. Looked very appealing but then we looked up the price when we got home and it was out of our price range.

2015-0718-06 Royal Seabathing

I also had a perch on the sea wall when I got tired from all that walking because I do only have little legs.

2015-0718-07 Margate

We wandered round a bit of the old town and there was lots going on. There was a really good musician outside in one of the squares and so we sat and listened while having an ice cream.

The day finished with a cup of tea from the station cafe before falling asleep on the train. A relation of mine was in the station cafe and Karen suggested I go and work with him, but not sure I’m really up for that as I prefer my current office supervision role.

2015-0718-08 Coffee Shop


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