As I didn’t have a paddle when I was in Cardiff, really fancied a trip to the seaside so headed to Margate on the high speed train – gosh, that does go rather fast.

Saw this lovely carved poem when I arrived (can you read it?).

2015-0621-01 Margate poem

As the beach wasn’t far away, headed there very quickly and was rather pleased the sun came out. It was really fun on the beach. First of all I did some shell seeking.

2015-0621-02 Margate shells

Then I built a sandcastle and adorned it with the seashells.

2015-0621-03 Margate sandcastle

After all that sand, I needed a wash so had a paddle and then practised for my spa visit by having a seaweed bath.

2015-0621-04 Margate paddle     2015-0621-05 Margate seaweed bath

After all that fresh air and exercise, I had a snooze on the train on the way home.


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