Holiday in Cardiff

I’ve just had a proper holiday and visited Cardiff which is a really beautiful city.

I started the holiday a day early and had a wander in the sunshine around the Olympic Park on the Sunday. I had to stay in Karen’s bag for quite a while as it was busy but we found a quieter spot for me to sun myself.

2015-0607 Olympic Park

Then the official holiday started on the Monday and we set off from Paddington station. Nearly had a little panic as Paddington had moved but we found him and, even better, he’s got this most brilliant bench which looks like a book. I tried to have a nibble of his marmalade sandwich.

2015-0608-01 Paddington statue     2015-0608-02 Paddington bench

We then headed onto the train and Karen made sure I was fed and entertained during the journey. I enjoyed the nuts but found it a bit difficult to turn the pages of the Kindle.

2015-0608-03 Lunch on the train      2015-0608-04 Reading on the train

Once we’d arrived in Cardiff and checked into the hotel, we headed to Bute Park and had a delicious Welsh afternoon tea.

2015-0608-05 Bute Park afternoon tea

I then had a bit of a run around the park to exercise off all those calories. Came across these rather lovely wooden sculptures, one was a daffodil and the other an archway with different leaves carved onto it.

2015-0608-06 Bute Park daffodil     2015-0608-07 Bute Park archway

Bute Park was so beautiful that we came back the next day. We were so lucky with the weather. I found a couple of rather nice resting spots which was just a well as needed the rest after walking so far on my little legs!

2015-0610-01 Bute Park leaf bed 2015-0610-02 Bute Park rest in the flowers

We needed some sustenance after all that fresh air and found a really lovely cafe called Madame Frommage – this was the mini cheese plate (not so mini!).

2015-0610-03 Late lunch at Madame Fromage

On the final full day in Cardiff we headed to Cardiff Bay by boat and that was fun, especially as I had a really good view.

2015-0611-01 Boat to Cardiff Bay

Once we got to Cardiff Bay, there was lots to look at. I tried looking through the viewpoint camera but wasn’t very easy to use (and neither were the cannons!).

2015-0611-05 Cardiff Bay 2015-0611-04 Cardiff Bay 2015-0611-03 Cardiff Bay   2015-0611-06 Cardiff Bay

We made the most of the sunshine and sat outside the Welsh Millennium Centre and Welsh Parliament building having a drink and a sit down.

2015-0611-02 Drink at Cardiff Bay

Karen has lots more (sensible) photos from Cardiff so let her know if you’d like to see them.

An enjoyable break and looking forward to my next one, although Karen won’t tell me what that is, probably because she needs to negotiate with Adam about releasing me from my office supervisory duties.


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