Another long weekend

Oh my goodness, what a weekend. It all started early on Friday when Karen and the girls went for a cheesy chips lunch at the Cat & Canary. I got completely led astray and had alcohol which, as we know, isn’t a good idea for someone so little. Had a bit too much cider but then couldn’t resist some Guinness for dessert.

2015-0522-01 Cheesy Chips 2015-0522-02 Cider sips 2015-0522-03 Cider excess  2015-0522-04 Guinness dessert

Saturday was a rest day and lots of sleep for both me and Karen.

On Sunday, we went to Tate Modern on Southbank. We met up with Julie and I had a chat with her over tea before we went in to see the Sonia Delaunay exhibition. Karen and Julie really enjoyed the exhibition and Karen was a bit inspired by some of the colours and textiles. She particularly liked the straight lines which, for those of you who know her, will come as no surprise! There aren’t really any pictures of me though as cameras aren’t allowed in exhibitions. Outside it was a bit windy and the trees didn’t have any branches to climb on, so not ideal. We then had a late lunch and met Jay which was fun and I joined in with the conversation there too.

Monday was doing  more of the Shaun the Sheep trail and Karen completed Shirley’s trail, which is the second one finished out of four trails. The maths is a bit weird though as there are 120 sheep to find and we’ve found 26 in total, which isn’t half of the total, so feeling a bit confused about that.

I got to play a bit more today and it was nice to have some fresh air but it was rather tiring.

We started at the Barbican Centre which is nice but not nice at the same time. It has some lovely terrace gardens and water features but then loads of concrete, so the senses are confused as its quite a contrast. I quite liked the fountain in a kayak and was trying to have a paddle, but Karen said it was too deep.

2015-0525-01 Barbican 2015-0525-02 Barbican kyak fountain

To make up for that and for Sunday, Karen found me a tree near London Wall which I had a bit of a climb in. It was a bit breezy so I had to hang on.

2015-0525-03 Tree climbing

We then headed to Guildhall and I found a really lovely pond amongst all the historical architecture. We also saw the Guardian Shaun who was standing to attention.

2015-0522-04 Guildhall pond  Shaun the Sheep Guardian

That was such a lot to fit into a weekend that I had to have an afternoon nap when I got home. Hope I’ve got enough energy to go to work tomorrow …

2015-0525-04 Afternoon nap


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