More Shaun’s

We did some more of the Shaun the Sheep trail on Saturday. It was a lovely day in London with quite a bit of sunshine.

Started at the BFI then got the bus to Covent Garden. It was so, so busy there so I stayed safely in Karen’s bag. We did see a couple of lovely Shaun’s though and I particularly liked the Sweetie one as it had Love Ewe on it.

Shaun the Sheep Sweetie     Shaun the Sheep Woolwich bus

Then we walked to Somerset House and had lunch on the terrace. Karen tried sketching for the first time in many years – it wasn’t too bad for a first attempt and she enjoyed it. I took in the scenery of the river then we headed home.

2015-0516 Somerset House River Terrace

Best of all was that Karen has now completed Timmy’s trail and has found 20 Shaun’s in total (some from other trails). Only another 100 to go in two weeks, so not sure how we’ll have time to do any work!


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